A PTSD soldier who has been utterly let down by the system and left to the mercy of the Political Prosecution Service (PPS) and it’s vexed rulings  is targeted online by the Republican page ‘Them’uns.’

The soldier who was clearly in difficulties thought he was “fighting the Taliban” when he threw a bin at the police.


The Soldier’s social media page with pictures of his family is revealed, along with hateful messages about “Inbred Orange Bastards.”


For the international reader, imagine serving in the Army of your home country, and then that country sending Police into your street, on the order of some Marxist outfit and turning your home into an open air prison.

Imagine being on a zero hour contract and being locked in a walled off community with no way to get to work, knowing not getting past the lines means losing your job.

We will be following this up with the Army and no stone will be left upturned in improving re-settlement of Soldiers in Northern Ireland.


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