One to watch out for: has form for attacking Protestant events

If you remember a few months ago Liam Turbett and his ‘Thousand flowers’ blog doxed Millennial Woes, a Scottish Youtuber who provides cultural and sociological reflections.

Turbett (Glasgow ANTIFA) actually turned up at Woe’s house, he also teamed up with ANTIFA journalist Alan McEwan to harass woes.

liam turbett

Liam Turbett, the son of Colin Turbett is another one of these Irish Republican Antifa types. His Father is a leading member of the Scottish Socialist Party.

Turbett is frequently in Northern Ireland and will almost definatley be here on the 14th.

Liam Turbett was involved and convicted of involvement in what can only be described as a sectarian attack on people celebrating the Royal Wedding in Glasgow. He was at Glasgow University at the time and despite being convicted of attacking innocent people. He was not expelled and went on to complete his degree and is now working for EKOS.

He featured in my article ‘University expulsions: a two tier system’ that clearly demonstrates a bias against people who are not left wing or ethnic.

You could write all day about this guy, he has been so active. He overturned a “Protect our troops” table in Glasgow. He boasted about it on his blog in an article that we archived before he pulled it.

Video of AFA Ireland attacking people on a bus.




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