Expo is a group in Sweden that hunt down Nazis. Some of these folks might be real Nazis and unsavory people or people who themselves are using harassment to target left wing multiculturalism proponents; however the bulk of them are just anti-immigration people who see the problems and have a right to their free speech.

Expo has received awards for breaking the law. It is known to actually hack your computer through shifty links on forums. They are at the high end of this game, one because they have been doing it for a long time, two because they are well financed with bounties from the mainstream press and three because they operate with impunity. Some say with the help of the Swedish deep state.

Below is a list of what we know they have used to hack info and dox people.

CDON – e-commerce with social security number
Disqus – comment function
Lexbase – competing information activities
Flashback – Discussion Forum
Logica – protected personal data
Nordea – customer records
Insurance Agency

Sweden is a small country, so like Ireland it probably only has like 500 ‘bad actors.’

When the Expo has exposed a ‘Nazi’, they sell the info to the newspapers, who like the ones here publish the full address. This is an invite then for a visit from RevFront who watch these left wing papers like hawks in anticipation of the next hunt.

This is their actual written aim.

Our primary purpose is to track people and build directories and databases with personal and political information on politicians, government officials and individuals [who] in our view need to be registered and disclosed to [for] extremism or opinions that are not compatible with the multicultural mixed and open Sweden and we, politicians , the media and the progressive build. The information was [is] filed is used to inform the media and the public about the extremists in our communities.

This is their PO box. Might be worth a funny letter eh.

Research Group / Seppuku Media Economic Association
PO Box 11080
100 61 Stockholm

The leader of Expo, is apparently a bit of a fire bug and allegedly burnt out a McDonalds.



This doc features Revoultionary Front who say they have apparently stopped militant ANTIFA activities. This blogger doesn’t believe this for a second. A Zebra never changes its stripes.


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