Sweden’s left: rooted in the Holodomor

Meet Robert Aschberg. The subject of the video below. Robert is a media mogul and far left activist with links to the “Research Group” that runs the left wing terror squads.

This video is about him confronting a ‘racist’.

Aschberg is Jewish and is the son of the late Olof Aschberg a financier and banker who bank rolled the Russian Bolsheviks and gained a large part of his huge wealth through special interest deals with Soviet Russia.


The Aschbergs are one of the big Jewish families behind the ‘cultural experiments’ in Sweden today. They use their wealth in a similar way to George Soros targeting media, education, government and community organisation.

Essentially RevFront are their foot soldiers. It is these people that the Jewish head-stone smashing green left will be entertaining.

And they say we are confused.





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