The green left has hijacked the LGBT scene in Belfast. This situation is quite dangerous for a number of reasons. It is more than certainly used to gather information on Protestants. LGBT people from Protestant communities all over Northern Ireland come into contact with leftists at these venues (like the warzone) and apparently are more than happy to divulge information about figures in their communities.

The leftist will tell them that they understand their plight and there is a sense of belonging, the drinks and drugs are flowing and the left has a new unknowing agent.

To illustrate the kind of thing we are talking about here we followed the visit of a bizarre lesbian Swedish couple who are ardent supporters of Hamas and violent revolution group RF. They came to promote a video where Arab children are seen holding guns and Swedish children have their faith mocked in some odd Christian guilt ceremony.

Queen’s University seems to have become a radicalisation centre. In the literal sense. The Glasgow bomber is said to have been radicalised whilst at Queens by the green left. Their bleating and whining is said to have sent him over the edge.

On this blog and more generally we have been trying to warn people of what is going on at Queen’s. Everything from visits by Black Panthers to Islamic radicalism and Republican terror.

The radical feminist agenda is dangerous anywhere, but in Northern Ireland it is particularly dangerous because of the increasing polarisation and the Republican strategy of using leftist insurgency and community organising to eat away at Protestant/traditional Irish Catholic culture.

The only good side of this is that normal Catholics are coming over to the alt-right in numbers.


There are rumored to be lesbian Predators operating within the leftist community who use these events to pick out vulnerable freshers. If you know someone at queens particularly girls, warn them to steer clear. One of these lesbians, that apparently looks like an outsized Dennis the menace threw one girl down the stairs breaking her arm. Obviously nothing is done about this, Queen’s sweep it under the rug and cry HOMOPHOBIA!

What people, normal people need to understand is that a lot of this left wing stuff doesn’t come from the love of Jesus. A lot of these people are mentally ill, have had bad experiences or are politically maligned. We’re sorry your that way but your not getting our kids.


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