Swedish terror group to visit the Warzone Centre

A Swedish Terror group called Revolutionary Front (RF) known for attempted murders and inciting Muslims into huge city wide riots will be visiting Belfast’s Warzone Centre on April 15th.


Our sources tell us that there will be a huge amount of ANTIFA/Irish Republican activity surrounding the Veterans event on the 14th and that the event on the 15th is more or less an opportunity to celebrate their “victory” as they always do regardless how their day went. They intend to use the event to display any trophies they have managed to snatch off the old soldiers.


These RF terrorists are apparently here already and are attending less openly militant events. It would be advisable for locals in that area to make sure the road from Sandy Row to that centre is safe.

We will be contacting people to raise awareness and make provisions. RF specialise in targeting individuals in home invasions and targeting bars. So be on the watch for that kind of thing. RF’s members are mostly Bosnian and Albanian child refugees from the 1990s conflict, a such they are known to get stabby.

A documentary on RF.

“Our day will come” ANTIFA sticker. Black and white, times must be hard.

our day will come

ANTIFA terrorists outside Buckingham Palace with an INLA iconographic flag.

belfast Antifa FLAGS


5 thoughts on “Swedish terror group to visit the Warzone Centre

  1. If you would have done your research well, you would have noticed that this group is no longer active. They put down the organization in 2015. Do your homework.


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