PSNI recording burglaries as hate crimes to bulk out figures

Patrick Corrigan, the anti-life campaigner and Republican who works for the run for wages front group Amnesty International NI has been drumming up the idea that Protestants and Christians in general in Northern Ireland are racist.

Patrick is another lunatic on the fringe who should probably be rocking over a pint in some musty bar-room but instead he is producing statistics that are parroted out by media and government alike.

The left in Northern Ireland that includes people in the media, even fake Unionist outlets like the Newsletter have been on an incredible campaign to blame working class Protestants for hate crimes. This has been done in a fairly subtle way. Essentially what they do is lie about the nature of incidents by omission, then send out teams of lefties who are paid to teach Protestant kids not to be evil racists, at the same time they brainwash them with the cultural Marxist stuff as well. They then publicise their efforts to help the Protestant youth “get over” the hate.

A look at what is going on.

Just over a third of hate crimes are non-crimes, either they didn’t happen or there was no hate crime but they are still recorded as non-crime hate incidents and so can be added to the BIG total.

Stats: PSNI 2016



In short they are fudging figures to make it look like more of this stuff is going on than it is.


Over half of hate incidents involved theft or burglary. So if one of our new immigrants is stolen from or burgled, the Protestant youth must bare the burden of blame upon his shoulders. These figures are used to undermine our integrity as a culture.


Something that is pretty obvious in this report is that even with the burglaries and petty theft or the non incidents, hate crime is significantly on the way down, Patrick called it a slight decrease but it was a huge reduction.

Another thing that is noticeable is that Muslims are far and away in the minority in the hate crime stakes, despite their proven tendency to be litigious about everyday encounters with natives.

The largest group of people in the hate crime stats were Polish. Northern Irish and Poles got off to a rocky start what with the Polish Hooligans trashing Belfast but it looks like the situation is improving. If you filter out all the burglaries and the non-incidents it amounts to a handful of broken windows that were probably workplace disputes or the like.


As long as we pay these lefties and State employees to collect this kind of information and find a community to blame they will do just that and it won’t be the lot on the Falls to blame.

The majority of proper property destruction, large value attacks have been Orange hall attacks that are under the misleading auspice of “UK and Ireland” so as not to upset the IRA.

The Republican left have been getting kids in East Belfast to #cut4equality. See below:


Patrick’s lefty article:


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