The BBC today released an article alleging that Russia was behind conspiracies that the Americans created the HIV virus in a secret lab and the CIA killed JFK.

Oh the cliche.


No one knows where Aids came from, what we do know is that Big Pharma was caught knowingly spreading the virus.

Bayer was caught knowingly infecting people with HIV in hemophiliac blood products. Even after technicians found the contamination they let the batches go out anyway. A lot of these products were sold outside the US.


The US has been caught giving people in foreign countries diseases before. US doctors knowingly spread Syphilis in Guatemala in the 1940s. President Obama was the first President to acknowledge and apologize for this. They have done it once they can do it again right?

As late as the 1990s the US was conducting experiments on HIV positive African American children in orphanages.

None of these accepted facts are mentioned in the BBC article. So it is. Fake News………


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