ANTIFA try to rip Confederate patch from Black man’s waist coat.

The scene below basically says it all. There is a growing community of blacks that realise life is actually a lot worse under the Democrats and their Cultural Marxist proteges that dominate Democratic local administrations.

The types of people are represented below. ‘Liberal’ women and effeminate looking men, who sell out to the corporations.

Conservatives aren’t much better but from the point of view of educated blacks, they want to get away from the kind of policies that have created poverty, imprisonment and alienation. The kind of policies that the Democrats are still wedded to.

The best thing for black families, as it is for anyone is independence, employment, Christianity and strong families. This is what Democrat welfare dependency, mass immigration and Cultural Marxism erodes and they are starting to know that.


The scene below features @blackrebel being attacked during a protest about the removal of monuments in New Orleans by the Democratic city council, that doesn’t feature a single white man.

Belfast City Council commit to introducing smart bins

Smart bins that have sonar devices in them that tell the council what materials are in the bin are to be introduced in Belfast.


These sensors are put in bins and mail out an automatic fine if the wrong sort of material is put in the bin. The fines are rumored to be £50 each.

Belfast City Council made the commitment when applying for Rockefeller Foundation funding. So get ready for them coming to a town near you.

smart bins

Above: a slide from the Rockefeller bid that successfully saw BCC get $1 million in funding to kickstart a number of globalist initiatives.

There are a number of issues with this.

  • The Smart censors are not cheap, this is pretty much a globalist monopoly.
  • People could just put stuff in your bin to get you fined.
  • The legality of fining people is very questionable, they are essentially just bringing out evermore expensive fines. Where is the basis in law for this?
  • It forces private citizens to buy products from corporations owned by the globalists.

Glasgow, another Rockefeller foundation controlled city has already trialed these bins and is further up the road toward preparing people to accept these ridiculous fines.

There is an article in the Times, of course it doesn’t mention the fines. They want to bring this in incrementally, saying its just to measure fill levels, then bleed the fines in gradually district by district.

The fines in the slide above are referred to a ‘behavior changing.’



Justice 4 Chelsea

Justice 4 Chelsea. A girl who has been raped and beaten by ‘Syrian’ and Iraqi refugees has had justice refused and had her brother jailed for trying to save her.  The Muslim community in Sunderland has also been intimidating and attacking the family.

Six of the eight attackers have been arrested then released on bail.

Chelsea, a mother of three was covered from head to toe in the usual cigarette burns etc and will have to wait 3 months now to see if she has Aids or anything else.


Above a cigarette burn



The details are in this Police hour article.

Tommy Robinson went to Sunderland with his work for Rebel media and we are likely to see a report in the coming days.

We are seeing the usual elements coming together to hush this up. There is a total media blackout, the only thing the local press are reporting is one incident of graffiti that appeared a few days after the rape and kidnapping.

As we know Muslims use graffiti as a rallying point for the media and the ANTIFA and have done it again and again in the past. Immediately after learning about this kind of incident, the boys are sent out to dawb swastikas everywhere for the press to photograph in the morning. Then the whole narrative is about rallying the community against Neo-Nazis etc rather than focusing on the problem at hand.

The ANITFA is also trying to organise protests against the family. The EDL isn’t involved directly so the excuse that they are protesting the EDL isn’t present in this case.

If you have a wordpress, spread word about these occurrences as both Twitter and Facebook are censoring the story.

Belfast join’s the Rockefeller foundation’s ‘Resilient Cities’ program

In 2016 Belfast was ‘chosen’ (how lucky we are) to take part in the Resilient Cities Program that is run by none other than the Rockefeller foundation and the financial terror organisation the World Bank.

This has ‘won’ Belfast at least initial funding of $1,000,000 for ‘resilience projects’, like smart bins and social manipulation enterprises.


It joins a host of other multicultural or aspiring multicultural ‘global cities’ that are blighted by terrorism caused by the Muslims they brought in.

This is the World Bank’s (owned by the Rockefellers) video for this program. What this ‘investment’ will likely mean is a more entrenched corrupt establishment and debt. That is all these people produce. Slavery and debt.

The money kick starts these programs but we need to pay the banks to keep them going in various ways.


The RCP is sort of like a high end common purpose that deals with or at least pretends to deal with civil crisis. Things like Cyber attacks, Islamic terror, fake global warming etc. As we have seen recently a ‘cyber attack’ can be something as simple as people saying they don’t want to be slaves to Rockefeller’s banks or they will be labeled Russian spys.

The RCP is a noose tightening around our neck. RCP provides funding to essentially bribe local officials into joining with the Global banking cartel and acting in their interest.

With this in place we lose our freedom.

RCP works in a number of ways. It is an incredible tool for the globalists to use the specter of cyber attack or terrorism to control our populations, who are increasingly dependent on their banks.

Belfast City Council have, in my mind foolishly published their slides online, so I will use their own slides to breakdown what is going on.


Ok the slide above is mainly signalling. They are basically saying here they are going to bring in all the political correctness stuff and help the banks privatise public sector jobs. There is one their ANTIFA troops won’t like.


‘New City Leadership’ again very often these titles are names of active multiculturalist programs or just signalling. Community planning is your common purpose planning mainly done through the like of the housing executive where local communities are replaced by mainly third world immigrants.

Smart City refers to essentially committing to use IBM software and globalist bank owned ICT resources to make us dependent on them.


This is signalling that they are going to tax us into having to buy new cars from the globalist banks and flood our country with more Muslims etc.


They are going to let the Globalist monitor everything we do with a smart meter.


Ok… the most significant thing on this slide is the ‘Smart data cube’. It is posted below, essentially it is a tool for operatives of the globalists to work out what is in the best interests of the banks etc. They use fake global warming and other crises to serve as reasons for bringing in these monopolistic and tyrannical changes.

Below: The Belfast Cube

belfast cube

This was gleaned from the BCC’s own document, that is available below.

They even say in this document they want to hold an MTV awards ceremony. Fuck off.


Data governance. This is essentially signalling that they are authoritarian and won’t let us question their fake global warming control hoax or any of their other monopoly building exercises.


The above slide is about DYNAMAT, local businesses are referred to as ‘clients’. This is essentially the council saying they are going to monitor and tax local business power usage. This helps the globalists as their large firms are exempt, this kind of thing has already put 1000s of businesses out of action world wide and helped secure the globalist monopoly.

smart bins

This one is them committing to fine people using Smart bins.

belfast agenda

This one is them saying they are going to collectivise the public sector, reducing local authorities from 26 to 11. This will make for more privatisation and frankly less democratic input. They usually use debt and cost saving as an excuse for something they have committed to for the purpose of serving private interests such as that of the Rockefeller Banks.

The Future cities ‘Catapult’ 

There has been a lot of mention of having people crowd fund the NHS, councils etc. This leaves tax monies to be slurped up by the globalist, who then use them to lobby and bribe for more control.

Essentially what they want to do is use the likes of social media to get people to spend their own money funding these globalist programs. The Rockefellers didn’t get rich from giving their money away. Every time the give money out it is because they expect a massive return.

Look at the Irish News fawning over the Rockefellers in this article, sickening. The Irish News were the only NI Newspaper to report this. None of the fake Protestant papers has touched on the issue. More proof that they are shills and we need a new media outlet.–535029/?ref=sh

This is the lady who ran the bid to join the Rockefeller and World bank program. She is sustainable development manager at Belfast City Council. That is significant in that these programs usually push for specific reforms tailored to whatever the globalist interest is in the area. In Northern Ireland it does seem to revolve around Global warming scamming and social control.

clare mckeown

Smug as a bug.


Rotherham: A warning to Northern Ireland

Rotherham has been struggling with Pakistani rape gangs since it emerged in 2013/14 that over 1400 young white girls had been rape pimped over a ten year period in that town alone. Rotherham is a Labour stronghold and has been since 1974 in continuum.

Rotherham has a strong left wing establishment and is a base for the social engineering outfit Common Purpose.

This has made the place a PC nightmare. If you would take a moment to read the UK Column article on Common Purpose’s role in the scandal it will help you better understand the rest of the article.

Essentially Common Purpose networks public servants and then uses the network to pressure individuals in the system, be they Police, Newspapermen, social workers or even just local employers and charity people. They are all reading off the one hymn sheet. So if you are a troubled parent or child you hit the same sullen brick wall no matter who you approach.

The press, the NHS, even local employers know that you are a ‘lunatic’ and not to be dealt with.

It also emerged during the Rotherham scandal that a charity worker who was supposed to be protecting the kids and was commended by an MP and the council for doing the same, was actually pimping them out as well.

The UK Column article

To give you an understanding of the atmosphere in the town, that only has a fairly modest (in terms of numbers) Muslim population you will need to watch these two videos.


And this is a series in depth on the issue.


The problem is that we in Northern Ireland are following down Rotherham’s path with de-industrialization, heroin, a population labelled by the establishment as ‘racist’ and therefor not to be trusted, mass-immigration, apathy and most of all an organised politically correct public sector with Common Purpose at it’s heart.

We in Northern Ireland have already seen people die because of drugs brought in by foreigners, we have already seen Islamic terror in the form of the murder of Moshin Bhatti, we have already seen mickey mouse sentences handed out to foreigners for raping our kids. Let me tell you it will get worse.

The reason it will get worse is that the establishment is bringing in more foreigners, with the promise of more and more. They have so far tolerated the heroin, that many thought would be a huge red line in Northern Ireland. More worrying than that though is just the simple presence of Common Purpose because it heralds the arrival of an establishment that will bend over backwards to impose harmful ‘progressive’ changes on our society and will, in an organised manner go after anyone who speaks out about the rapes or the heroin etc.

Believe me, some day that could be you.


Amnesty International Ireland funded by George Soros

George Soros, the Hungarian Jew who worked for the Nazis during their occupation funds Ireland’s Amnesty international and the Irish Family Planning Association. The latter being a pro-eugenics lobby group.

Amnesty Ireland received €137,000 from a Soros foundation.

George Soros is a globalist who you may have heard of. His fingerprints are all over global events such as the war in Syria, the migrant crisis and the coup in Ukraine.

Soros also funds outfits like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA linked leftist groups.


George Soros is just one of many Zionist billionaires who fund operations to use leftist activism and Universities like the Central European University that he started to create social unrest and to manipulate white populations. This guy is an anti-white genocidal maniac to put it frankly. Hell bent on getting revenge against white people for the Holocaust. He wants us poor, aborting our kids and surrounded by radical Jihadis. He is well on his way to getting it.

Amnesty International Ireland, that has counted convicted pedophiles among it’s numbers brought out a slighted report recently aimed at making Protestants look racist. It was aided in this by the PSNI who are now for some reason recording a hate crime every time a foreign person breaks a nail.

The PSNI methods for collecting data are frankly criminal in their inaccuracy, these methods have all the hallmarks of Common Purpose involvement.

Another significant thing to note is that Protestant areas are the ones being flooded, notably Sandy Row and the Newtownards Road. This being down to common purpose planners at the housing executive.

As we pointed out in our article ‘cut4equality’  these weird studies even caused one demented group of kids in the Bloomfield area to cut themselves for ‘equality’ and put it on social media.

This is Amnesty Ireland’s main issues bar. Trump, Ibrahim Halawa, Syrian Refugees, trying to force Hungry to take Muslims and moaning about Muslims getting ‘persecuted’ in Nepal.


No mention of Yemen, of the attacks on Christians in Egypt, of the rape gang epidemic in England, of the ‘racist’ English kid held in solitary for 4 months. Nope none of that straight along the globalist agenda to the word.


‘A foundation headed up by George Soros, one of the world’s richest people, is providing financial backing to organisations seeking to repeal the constitutional prohibition of abortion.

A leaked strategy document details how Soros’s Open Society Foundation planned to fund Amnesty International Ireland, the Abortion Rights Campaign and the Irish Family Planning Association.

The move was said to be part of a strategy to force the repeal of the Eighth Amendment, potentially setting off a chain reaction in other strongly Catholic countries in Europe.

The three organisations confirmed to the Irish Independent they had received grants from the foundation.

Hungarian-American businessman and philanthropist Soros (86) is among the 30 wealthiest people in the world, with an estimated fortune of €22bn. He is thought to have donated almost €10bn to various causes in recent decades.

In the leaked strategy document, the foundation said it would fund the three Irish organisations “to work collectively on a campaign to repeal Ireland’s constitutional amendment granting equal rights to an implanted embryo as the pregnant woman”.

The document continued: “With one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, a win there could impact other strongly Catholic countries in Europe, such as Poland, and provide much needed proof that change is possible, even in highly conservative places.

“The recent legalisation of same-sex marriage offers valuable and timely opportunities to advance the campaign.”

The Pro Life Campaign cried foul of Mr Soros’s intervention.

“These revelations are extremely disturbing,” said spokeswoman Cora Sherlock.

“The fact that an outside body is talking about funding and coordinating groups in Ireland to dismantle protection for the unborn child represents a gross interference and is an attack on democracy.

“I think most people want to see a fair debate regardless of where they stand on the issue.

“The public will be deprived of such a debate if this kind of meddling continues from well-funded outside bodies.”

However, the three organisations involved defended their receipt of the funds.

Amnesty International Ireland said the funding it received from the foundation amounted to €137,000 over two years.

“Philanthropic foundations have always been an important source of funding for human rights work, both here in Ireland and globally,” it said in a statement. “Amnesty International Ireland applied for and received funding from the Open Society Foundation to part fund our campaign on sexual and reproductive rights.

“In line with our commitment to high standards of transparency, and as with all areas of our funding, this is publicly reported upon, both to our membership and on our website when we publish our audited accounts.”

Amnesty said the only conditions attached to the funding were that it be used for the programme of work outlined in the funding application and that it be publicly reported in financial statements.

The Irish Family Planning Association said it received a support grant of $150,000 (€132,500) from the foundation.

“The funding will be used to support the IFPA’s long-standing advocacy to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights in Ireland,” it said in a statement.

It continued the conditions of the grant meant it was to be used to advance the association’s “charitable purposes”. It said the grant would be noted in its annual financial reports.

The Abortion Rights Campaign did not disclose the amount of funding it received, but said it would be disclosed in its financial statements.


The EU is suing Hungary to prevent Soros expulsion

The EU has started the process of suing Hungary to keep the ‘Central European University’ open. Founded by George Soros in 1991 it is a globalist brainwashing outpost, rather like our own Queen’s University.

From Geopolitica:

The European Union stated that it had started an legal action against Hungary. The reason was the introduction of amendments to the law on education by the government of the country, which hampered in particular the work of the Central European University, founded personally by George Soros.

Central European University was founded by George Soros in 1991. It is one of the leading educational centers of modern Europe, providing indoctrination of intellectuals with liberal ideas, training cadres for TNCs and international bureaucracy (including European one) and promoting left-liberal concepts in European and world higher schools, and indirectly in the media. It trains more than 1500 students from 117 countries. Central European University is one of the most important centers of liberal hegemony on the European continent.

The amendments themselves are aimed at eliminating the unjustified privileges that the Soros University used before. Now universities with dual citizenship like the Central European (which operates in Hungary but is registered in the US) are required to have campuses both in the country of registration and in Hungary. Since in the state of New York, where Soros registered his university, he does not have a campus, then the Central European University will not be able to work in Hungary from January next year until such a campus is built in the US. In addition, the activities of foreign universities in Hungary will now be governed by bilateral agreements with the governments of the respective foreign states. This means that the fate of the Central European University will now depend on the team of Donald Trump, whom Soros previously openly challenged, financing massive anti-Tramp protest rallies in the United States. In addition, now all employees of the university must obtain a work permit in Hungary.

The US State Department has already stated that it is not going to interfere in the confrontation of Hungary with the Central European University. Seeing that things are bad for the cause, European officials have undertaken urgent actions. The European Commission sent a warning letter to the Government of Hungary. Now Hungary has a month to prepare an answer. Soros and the European bureaucracy represent the same left-liberal elite. It is no coincidence that this initiative of the Hungarian government caused even more irritation in Brussels than the confrontation with Budapest on migration issues.

The confrontation is accompanied by massive protests of liberals in Budapest and a media attack against the Hungarian government. Liberal media and representatives of universities in Europe and the US called for the support of the Central European University.

However, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has already said that the changes in the legislation formally have nothing to do with his country’s confrontation with Soros. Orban accused him of supporting mass migration to Europe and attempts to destabilize the euro. The statement of the European Commission coincided with Orban’s speech to the European Parliament, where the Hungarian Prime Minister spoke in support of legislative initiatives restricting the right of migrants to asylum. Soros repeatedly becomes the scope of attacks Orban, who himself in his youth studied under his program, but became recently a tough critic of the financial speculator.

Another bill has also been sent to the Hungarian parliament, forcing all NGOs to report on receiving financing from abroad. First of all, as the supporters and critic of the bill say, it is directed against those who receive money from the Open Society Foundation. The purpose of the bill is to reduce the influence of foreign NGOs on Hungarian politics. All the actions that Orban is taking against Soros are aimed at strengthening the sovereignty of the country and reflect the conflict of two worldviews – a liberal cosmopolitan worldview of “open society” and an identitarian national-statist one.



Queen’s University Professor David Archard appointed to fake bio-ethics council

David Archard Professor of ‘bio-ethics’ has done the first unethical thing you can do as a Professor of ethics and sold out to a private medical firm.


Archard has joined the Council on Bioethics run by the Nuffield Foundation, a foundation owned by the private Hospital giant that owns over 300 facilities in the UK including one private clinic not too far away from Queen’s University. Nuffield does a lot of great work, although it also has a eugenicsy and globalist element to it.

They lobby the conservatives hard on privatization and promote futuristic medicine that would make people dependent on them. Like real life slurm.  One element of this is promoting women leaving it late to have kids, then offering fertility treatment.

There are also people who try to suppress research on environmental factors that reduce fertility. There is no doubt some governments in the world have used sterilants on their people. India being a proven case of this.

The problem with this kind of thing is that it is academics like Archard that create these moral decrees. Decrees such as ‘the state owns a child’ or ‘abortion and three people babies is ethical.’

Up until recently the last three things were not acceptable and now they are. It’s perfectly obvious how the private hospital system serves to profit from using people like Archard to publish slanted research works.

I had a look into this council on bio-ethics and its all the usual fake lefty shite.

Look at this cartoon, like something from the Umbrella Corporation. These people want to medical test on working class kids.


Why don’t they do this research on their own kids? Why use working class poor people forced into poverty by immigration and corruption?

This Bio-ethics council is very secretive, they have a public facing website that publishes some of the harmless stuff but there is no meaty stuff in there. They said they were due to publish a finding on Chimeras in 2016 but never published the results.

I guess it’s not ethical to tell people what you will be doing to them. These all powerful Gods over man are the only people qualified to make decisions. You and I are just hunks of meat and a danger to ourselves.

So I guess we are going to get Chimeras now. The Kek frog man might be a reality soon.

The website:



Christian Picciolini: White Nationalist stalker

Christian Picciolini is an ANTIFA that apparently used to be a Neo-Nazi although most people say he wasn’t a big name on that scene.Apparently he had a band in Mommy’s garage and a record shop that failed because of his lack of business acumen. I came across him when I heard that he had been doxxing and turning up at the homes of female alt-right figures including ‘Christian Crusader’ a 17 year old white girl. Who he tortured into renouncing her Christian faith and doxxing her friends.

This girl wasn’t even a Neo-Nazi, she was just against mass Muslim immigration and the rapes etc.

‘Christian Crusader’ had a wee Youtube channel with a handful of videos on the migrant crisis and stuff.

Picciolini is very likely a COINTELPRO agent. Judging by the way he has built up his Neo-Nazi credentials. He went to Dachau and threw a Hitler salute. A trip to Germany for a supposed working class skinhead would be unlikely, considering Pico was only a Nazi until he was 19. He also appeared on the Jerry Springer show. Both very suspicious acts and unlikely to be undertaken by real ‘skinheads.’


Evalion talks about Picciolini in this Youtube video. Evalion is super weird but still, what she is saying is all true.

Picciolini is either working for the Government or pretending to work for the Government. Vox and other left-wing outlets are pushing his methods of harassment and blackmail, that are illegal as acceptable. So it looks like more of this stuff will happen. A warning to Picciolini though, you might show up at the wrong house.

We need some sort of group that can help protect young activists and a way of bringing the law to bare on those ANTIFA who break it. Evalion has all the screenshots of the threats and harassment on this video, yet the Police won’t tell Pico to leave her alone? Very odd.

This is the Vox Picciolini video.