Pew Die Pie targeted with anti-extremist algorythm

What with what has been going on with Pew Die Pie and the Jew thing Youtube and its UK Government sponsored customer Open Your Eyes is targeting PDP subscribers with anti-extremist content.


Looking at the “related channels” is an indicator of the algorythm. Merciful Servant, a quite extreme conspiratorial channel is listed alongside Britain First and PewDiePie.

Yeah Britain First and PewDiePie…..okaaay.

In addition to that, the OYE channel targeted at “far right extremism” features “related channels” such as Rebel Media, Alex Jones, Steven Crowder (Herr Crowder) and Stynxnhexenhammer666.


Buzz Feed is there too, they certainly are extremists.

There is no doubt there is content out there that is bad and extreme. Specially stuff that encourages violence, like the ANTIFA riot videos and stuff. I hope OYE will target far left extremism next. As it has always been consistently worse than any other kind of extremism.


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