Northern Irish lad caught up in the Bulgaria taser scam

Conor Seeley from Portadown has allegedly been caught with a stungun, knuckle dusters and a pepper spray on a flight back from Bulgaria.

Courts have been handing out firearms jail sentences for these items, often very low power commercial tasers that are not functional.

Below is a picture of Henry Morton, A Rangers fan who has learning difficulties and was jailed for 5 years in Scotland for having two of the tasers.


Customs officials target Bulgaria flights, knowing that some stupid dick will bring back something illegal, be it a lizard in a jar or a stun gun from Bulgaria. 99% of the people caught don’t know they are breaking the law or are in some way handicapped with learning difficulties.

Low hanging fruits indeed. Pakistan flights loaded with Heroin have no such checks and if there is someone caught the sentences are very “liberal.”

There are hundreds of people in jail for five years for having this sort of weapon. Granted it is not right to carry this stuff, it is also up to the Government to help protect people from making these mistakes and if they do not to punish them so harshly.

One suggestion may be an information leaflet on flights to Bulgaria. Even these idiots having the tasers in Bulgaria is bad news, it would be best if they didn’t buy it at all.

A stun gun is not a firearm but because the elites say it is, it is. 5 years minimum for possession of a firearm. Thats like being imprisoned for smoking weed if you are smoking a cigarette or something, weird.

We need to get behind Conor here and make sure he isn’t the next victim of the Bulgaria taser scam.

They even have an “Ask the Police” area dedicated to stun guns on their sight so they know not everyone knows what is illegal and what isn’t.


Case Studies:

Henry Morton

Andrew Boakes

Niall Dinsmore

(Article by ANTIFA journalist Alan McKewen)



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