đŸš« Simsimi Banned! đŸš«

Simi is an app that generates replies to questions. This app is really useful for all kinds of people. It can help improve marketing, it can help improve gaps in education, there are 100s of uses for it.

The Irish Government has shut it down.

The Police have been running around schools like mad telling people that Simi will get your kid to hang themselves. This kind of thing has been around for ages. Remember the PEWDIEPIE Cleverbot date?  I have never heard of any kids hanging themselves after falling out with Cleverbot.

The first ever chatbot was ELIZA, developed in the 1960s, here is some info on that and some subsequent ones.


Simi has been outright banned in Ireland by their hysterical authorities. They are targeting Simi, but not Grindr where 3 men got killed after meeting on it by a raving serial killer.

You can sniff amyls and meet strange men for what amounts to violence and get Aids but you can’t chat to Simi. WTF. ITS THE CURRENT YEAR.

Simsimi is not designed for schools, the problem is kids have been alerted to it through these pos+ youtubers who didn’t realise the effects they would have in bringing kids’ attention to this stuff. The Shane video about simsimi is three years old.



I asked simi what it (???) thought of the ANTIFA. It said “Evil cunts.” Try it yourself.


If you live in Ireland paste the URL into the proxy below and try simsimi.


One problem the app has is a personal information one, on the mobile version there is a “teach” feature where users help program simi’s responses. This feature could be used for good or evil.

Some people have been loading names onto it along with personal info and slurs.

Simi is a good reflection of human intent.


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