Belfast Antifa/Anonymous NI ‘Morgan Collins Hugh’

Another big boss on the scene with the Belfast ANTIFA is “Morgan Collins Hugh.” Although we believe he is called Morgan Hughes from Andersonstown, Belfast. He is an ANTIFA and tinfoil hat guy. His girlfriend is an active member of UNISON.

Hughes and his girlfriend both know and went to school with Sean Burns, the Socialist Party activist. There is a big network of these people and they run a whole load of front groups. The likes of “Unite against poverty” is an example.

Its going to be a case of just going through them all and building up an idea of what we are dealing with.

Anyway…..this guy runs the page “Anonymous Northern Ireland.” Judging on how often it is updated it must be his main gig.


Like 75% of these guys he is a Republican. With believed familial links to the IRA. His page Anonymous Northern Ireland parrots the Belfast ANTIFA and Courtney Robinson pos+ propaganda. It doesn’t have any “Anonymous” content at all really.

Anonymous Northern Ireland recently shared a Belfast ANTIFA article exposing “fascists.”


What irritates me about these fake front groups is that a lot of the causes they purport to be supporting are genuine and inevitably suffer from being hijacked by these green left types.

Anonymous and pos+ far left authoritarianism of the Sean Burns tax and spend variety couldn’t be more far apart. The green left want you poor and dependent on them and their subscriptionists and corporate sponsors.

Belfast CBD is the heartland of both the Socialist left and the fake libs like the BBC yet people are dying in the streets up there, not in Larne or Carrickfergus. What does that tell you?


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