Insider economies are never good. It doesn’t matter who is operating them. The RHI scandal has a long history. Yeah it sort of got underway in 2015 but it is part of a much larger world wide scam.

Obviously those in the know are in line to benefit, while those, ordinarily taxpayers who are not in place to benefit lose out.

This is a global scam. Check out this mad scam in Kenya. A 100 billion shilling industry. Poor sods…..


Basically the globalists and the money men realised that they could make money from climate change or global warming. They went ahead and did that.

Most of these scams do nothing what so ever to benefit the environment and often divert funds from cleaning up real pollution, like plastic microbead collection projects etc.

Lord Moncton, who is a big fan of Northern Ireland and a Roman Catholic speaks on this issue below.


Very often politicians who are not in the know just accept these kinds of things, if you remember Al Gore’s hockey stick diagram. It was totally fake but at the time many high up politicians accepted and generated policy based on it.

It remains to be seen through investigation, if any politicians in Northern Ireland have actually been deliberately mislead. It is quite a complicated issue, that aspect of it the money men had hoped would scare the public away from investigating it. Obviously it has not had this effect.

In effect if you are to call the DUP corrupt then you must call Mr Obama corrupt and Mr Cameron corrupt. This kind of investigation would never get off the ground on mainland Britain because of the system there. It is quite odd but interesting that because of the adversarial political system here that we are seeing these scams challenged.

Many of the flippy floppy leftists here could actually be damaging part of their global agenda with these challenges. If this happens it will be a great boon.


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