Common Purpose FABLAB infects East Belfast

A “Fablab” , fabulous in that it uses EU social engineering money to buy 3d printing technology and factory space – has sprung up in East Belfast and put up a gay pride mural.


The guy who is behind  it seems very Republican but he will remain unnamed in this blog but will feature in later analysis once the details are clarified.

The mural has a gay rainbow, and a 3d common purpose diamond that “distorts and blends” all the colours according to perception. With an incredibly obvious emphasis on brown colours.

Its kind of a perversion of the Alt right vapourwave style, the diamond has meme magic significance.

Even tying in people’s brown skin with Northern Ireland’s economic problems is perverse and horrible. Exaclty what those bastards intend though. There are no weird white guilt anti-white extinction murals up the falls.

Ok so without criticising these anti-protestant/white social engineers, could we not put this money and technology to some financially enriching use? No that’s not their model. The next time these guys use this technology is if Tesco or Asda allow them to use their 3d sign printer 10 years from now on.

Fuck your social engineering, we won’t pay, goodbye EU. Can’t wait to see the back of it.

Jilly Beattie of the Irish Mirror said that Protestant kids got low grades at GCSE because of low self esteem and that was the reason for their lack of success. Jilly Beattie has a new academic adversary in me.

Jilly’s “low level of self worth” article.

I hate Belfast Live its so leftist. This is actually the same article that was in the Mirror yesterday. Shows you the Belfast live angle. It was them carried and praised the Cut4Equality thing.

Criticising them would be harassment though now, or fake news criticising these Republican polemics.


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