Barbara Muldoon ANTIFA leader and anti-parade activist

Barbara Muldoon (yuman rights lawyer) as this mad video will attest is a great enemy of the Orange Order and the UDL. She is an interesting character. She was instrumental in the building of the Republican narrative of the flag protest and helped sway on the fence Protestant middle classers against the flag protesters, allowing for the extremely tyrannical prosecutions during that period.

She is part of a wide ranging network. A network that does good things for some people and has some genuine concerns. In the video she brings up a lot of legitimate points, such as freedom of assembly.

The danger that these people pose is that they have been quite clever and use proxies such as the Alliance Party to effect their plans. The raw Barbara Muldoon hate wrinkled filibusters alone wouldn’t sway any normie prods, so the message is kind of jazzed up and given to the Alliance to propagate.

These videos are interesting in that you can see the beginnings of their strategy. People before profit are present for example, now, just 8 years later they have an MLA and are building some headway.  This may seem insignificant but in just 8-10 years this is quite an achievement.

It would be flippant of us to completely disregard the whole of the issues that the likes of Barbara bring up. What we are interested in is preventing native people coming to harm or loss of property. A lot of the stuff they push will one way or another result in both.

There are legitimate concerns such as anti-immigrant violence that need to be addressed, after all we have some freedom (if we are lucky enough to have a job) to travel and normally of course there should be opportunity for foreign people to come here. What the likes of Barbara wants to do is tie up these racist attacks to people campaigning against mass immigration, economic manipulation, grooming, Islamic terror etc.

Much of this is open slander/libel and it is allowed by the authorities because the white working class do not have a voice as a whole much less individual victims of grooming etc.

There is actually almost no connection between these arguments and racist violence. Racist violence tends to stem from people pre-disposed to violence or from state cointelpro/ Gadio/ ANTIFA provocation.

We will be working hard to counter their argument. This is what they fear most. Lets be honest Barbara isn’t training our next generation of architects and engineers lol, she is training up angry young Republicans. Your next Ciaran Maxwell is watching her now. Riding the wave of Republican fantasy. A potential good man gone to waste.

We are not the extremists hence the term “conservative” we just want to sort of keep things as they are. These guys want all sorts of crazy changes, mostly benefiting the elite.

The Alternative right understands that centralised power is not good. No matter where it is centralised. The division of powers that are so necessary for freedom are anathema to the fucking Godless Communists.

Rotherham should give you an idea of what the associated axis of evil will do to you when given the chance, and thats within a supposed “Great Britain” and the lack of a communist inspired collapse. Be AFRAID!


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