West Midlands Police say FGM prosecutions “unlikely to benefit child”

West Midlands Police, the Police force that was recently forced to admit that it had covered up the grooming of 1000s of white girls by Muslim taxi drivers has come under fire again, this time for turning a blind eye to female genital mutilation.



The problem that the Police have with both issues is the sheer number of participants. jailing them all would mean a lot of empty mats in the Mosques and would probably lead to outcry and Bradford style riots.

We saw what happened with the Rotherham 12. Even though there was video evidence of their escapades, the left got involved and the political justice system found all defendants not guilty.

What does this mean for the little victims of grooming and FGM?

Tough shit, that’s what it means. The Police are not on your side and as the number of participants grows it will get harder and harder to tackle.

The authorities are ignoring a festering wound and sitting by as the gangrene sets in.

That’s why the likes of the EDL are important. These things were just being completely ignored. The EDL has the unfortunate job of trying to put pressure on the authorities to prosecute, particularly with the stuff that effects natives. That is why the BBC etc are going so hard against the EDL and offering very skewed reporting on the issue. The BBC are sworn protectors of all things multiculti, at any price.




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