The left in Northern Ireland are working hand in hand with the Capitalists

Social decay, collapsing families, drugs, drunkenness, promiscuity etc etc are all great for the elite capitalists. There has been a fairly quiet transferal of power from a largely native business population to international Corporations, the guys behind the EU.

How this was done is fairly simple, it involved the corporations employing a generation of Northern Irish elites on good wages, then winding the wages down in the following generation. It also involved buy outs.

Something Marx talks about a lot is the means of production. Essentially the native elites did what any self serving person would do and sold out the means of production. One example of this is Whale Pumps in Bangor. Although it is quite a small employer it is a good example. When a foreign company takes over, they often transfer patents or move the factories to slave countries like China.

Having free and open trade with countries like China essentially means the elite is opening up the possibility of driving the working class into slavery because of the price of goods on the open market. Ordinary people struggle to understand that, millennials however, with their 8 hour working weeks are getting the message loud and clear.

China has people in diapers working in slave mills and the left say no one will buy our stuff unless we allow the grooming gangs a free hand? Why has China not faced any of these anti-racist boycotts?

Trumpian economics solve this problem with tariffs. The left oppose this as “racist”. The corporations fund left wing organisations to push this point and a lot of stupid leftists fall for it.




The 2008 financial crisis was not a financial crisis but the system changing gear from the old system to the new. Here is a few things that went on at the time.

  • Blanket new laws allowing recruitment agencies to sack workers and strip workers of their rights.
  • Tightening up on the lending to small businesses.
  • The attack on Greece by banks like Goldman Sachs.
  • The Council Investments scam by Goldman Sachs.
  • Millions of eastern bloc workers are allowed to move west lowering wages and putting up house prices.
  • Continued and accelerated non-EU immigration.
  • The decimation of Britain’s bank worker population and their replacement by foreigners through a series of scams.
  • The sale of Cadbury’s.
  • The AIG bailout scam.
  • A range of pro-corporate measures were put in place to force EU food producers to get prohibitively expensive licences from EU insider companies.
  • The Iraq war.

These are just a few of the things that went on during that period. What these things told the observer was that power was being firmly set into the hands of the elite banking class.

Justice failed to properly deal with the likes of the AIG scam, the Council investments scam and many such scams like them. This was all a bit like the grooming gang crisis, people are being screwed, its illegal but the law is failing.  If you read into some of this stuff and the sums that are changing hands in what were obvious illegal scams it boggles the mind.

The left however focus on white racism, a nearly non-existent boogeyman.

Where does the Northern Irish left fit into the picture?

Your average leftist in Northern Ireland could perhaps be the first in their family to have been to University. Their parents were maybe sold on Socialism in the 70s and have quite a low expectation of attainment.

These are good folks at heart, well meaning. They just aren’t well placed to see what is going on, even if they did a degree in economics, they would argue that “migrant workers on average don’t lower native worker’s wages.” There is a lot of EU/ elite sponsored material out there supporting that.

They are being tricked though because though the native worker “wage” might not be less than their parents, the hours they work are likely down 1/3 or in cases up to 3/4.

Why would you listen to someone like that? You are cutting your throat listening to these people. As well meaning and cool as they may be they will drive this country into poverty through working with the elites. 9 times out of 10 they won’t even realise they are doing it.

The Universities feed the corporate world in Northern Ireland with people like that. Common purpose graduates hell bent on the dismantling of our society are running the show now and the DUP is not doing anything to stop them. People who hate white people shouldn’t be in charge of their welfare.

£20,000 a year buys the elite one of these people and they will stamp your face into the ground for it because they think you are racist. They are only going on what the BBC tells them.

Corporate science, motivation and the like are being applied in this country in all kinds of ways that they should not be. Cultural Marxism, the banks, mass-immigration. These things we will have to get to grips with or they will ruin us. Catholic or Protestant you will be a slave in the land of your fathers.











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