The £134,000 Question

Katie Hopkins, the apprentice star and columnist has been ordered to pay Jack Monroe, a far left activist and food writer £134,000 for asking her if [she had] “scrawled on any memorials lately.”


Katie Hopkins asked the question after learning that “Jack” had been part of a mob that had left graffiti on a memorial in London.

The left always makes blanket accusations and Katie Hopkins in this case was not even accusing her of being personally involved. I am sure this will open the way for many EDL members to chase the left for libel. Fair is fair right? Everyone is equal before the law? Right?

The two tier system has always been flagrant but this is quite something else. It comes in the backdrop of 5 or so speech crime trials and 5 year plus sentences for thought criminals.

I feel sorry for Katie but this might just be the thing to wake up the right wing Tory types. Britain has a history of very bitter thought crime struggles and this just seems to be the next phase.

The UK Justice system and indeed the same throughout the EU do seem to be falling into open tyranny in the hope to protect the reputations or the manufactured perception of special interest. It is doomed to failure of course but as with any folly it will claim it’s victims.

Its ok to rape little girls but don’t you dare slabber at the left.

I would say the next big thing for the right in the UK would be to have a wesearchr type of thing set up. Either that or to add content to wesearchr.

Searchlight would be a very easy target for this kind of thing as they have been able to libel people for years. If these are the standards 1000s of people could sue searchlight.


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