Pew Die Pie targeted with anti-extremist algorythm

What with what has been going on with Pew Die Pie and the Jew thing Youtube and its UK Government sponsored customer Open Your Eyes is targeting PDP subscribers with anti-extremist content.


Looking at the “related channels” is an indicator of the algorythm. Merciful Servant, a quite extreme conspiratorial channel is listed alongside Britain First and PewDiePie.

Yeah Britain First and PewDiePie…..okaaay.

In addition to that, the OYE channel targeted at “far right extremism” features “related channels” such as Rebel Media, Alex Jones, Steven Crowder (Herr Crowder) and Stynxnhexenhammer666.


Buzz Feed is there too, they certainly are extremists.

There is no doubt there is content out there that is bad and extreme. Specially stuff that encourages violence, like the ANTIFA riot videos and stuff. I hope OYE will target far left extremism next. As it has always been consistently worse than any other kind of extremism.

Northern Irish lad caught up in the Bulgaria taser scam

Conor Seeley from Portadown has allegedly been caught with a stungun, knuckle dusters and a pepper spray on a flight back from Bulgaria.

Courts have been handing out firearms jail sentences for these items, often very low power commercial tasers that are not functional.

Below is a picture of Henry Morton, A Rangers fan who has learning difficulties and was jailed for 5 years in Scotland for having two of the tasers.


Customs officials target Bulgaria flights, knowing that some stupid dick will bring back something illegal, be it a lizard in a jar or a stun gun from Bulgaria. 99% of the people caught don’t know they are breaking the law or are in some way handicapped with learning difficulties.

Low hanging fruits indeed. Pakistan flights loaded with Heroin have no such checks and if there is someone caught the sentences are very “liberal.”

There are hundreds of people in jail for five years for having this sort of weapon. Granted it is not right to carry this stuff, it is also up to the Government to help protect people from making these mistakes and if they do not to punish them so harshly.

One suggestion may be an information leaflet on flights to Bulgaria. Even these idiots having the tasers in Bulgaria is bad news, it would be best if they didn’t buy it at all.

A stun gun is not a firearm but because the elites say it is, it is. 5 years minimum for possession of a firearm. Thats like being imprisoned for smoking weed if you are smoking a cigarette or something, weird.

We need to get behind Conor here and make sure he isn’t the next victim of the Bulgaria taser scam.

They even have an “Ask the Police” area dedicated to stun guns on their sight so they know not everyone knows what is illegal and what isn’t.


Case Studies:

Henry Morton

Andrew Boakes

Niall Dinsmore

(Article by ANTIFA journalist Alan McKewen)


🚫 Simsimi Banned! 🚫

Simi is an app that generates replies to questions. This app is really useful for all kinds of people. It can help improve marketing, it can help improve gaps in education, there are 100s of uses for it.

The Irish Government has shut it down.

The Police have been running around schools like mad telling people that Simi will get your kid to hang themselves. This kind of thing has been around for ages. Remember the PEWDIEPIE Cleverbot date?  I have never heard of any kids hanging themselves after falling out with Cleverbot.

The first ever chatbot was ELIZA, developed in the 1960s, here is some info on that and some subsequent ones.

Simi has been outright banned in Ireland by their hysterical authorities. They are targeting Simi, but not Grindr where 3 men got killed after meeting on it by a raving serial killer.

You can sniff amyls and meet strange men for what amounts to violence and get Aids but you can’t chat to Simi. WTF. ITS THE CURRENT YEAR.

Simsimi is not designed for schools, the problem is kids have been alerted to it through these pos+ youtubers who didn’t realise the effects they would have in bringing kids’ attention to this stuff. The Shane video about simsimi is three years old.


I asked simi what it (???) thought of the ANTIFA. It said “Evil cunts.” Try it yourself.

If you live in Ireland paste the URL into the proxy below and try simsimi.

One problem the app has is a personal information one, on the mobile version there is a “teach” feature where users help program simi’s responses. This feature could be used for good or evil.

Some people have been loading names onto it along with personal info and slurs.

Simi is a good reflection of human intent.

Both lives matter: NI’s pro life movement

There is a new pro life outfit in Northern Ireland called #bothlivesmatter. It seems to be attached to LIFE NI.

Being pro-life of late has meant being labeled a Nazi or a fascist. The truth is that pro-lifers have saved over 100,000 people in Northern Ireland alone since the terrible abortion act of 1967 came in. The Ireland figure is North of half a million.

These are Holocaust sort of numbers. Maybe even worse.


See the report:

#bothlivesmatter is looking for well presented women and men to join the “One person at a time movement.” You can contact them on Facebook or through their website:


ANTIFA tear down #bothlivesmatter sign in Belfast

The disgusting baby haters at the ANTIFA or at least one of their pos+ supporters has ripped down a #bothlivesmatter sign in Belfast. See below.


Image1 : The Belfast Bigot


Image 2 : The Belfast Bigot

The ANTIFA has a lot of enemies and the Belfast Bigot is one of them. Check out his or her (???) piece on the sign and the others.


Belfast Antifa/Anonymous NI ‘Morgan Collins Hugh’

Another big boss on the scene with the Belfast ANTIFA is “Morgan Collins Hugh.” Although we believe he is called Morgan Hughes from Andersonstown, Belfast. He is an ANTIFA and tinfoil hat guy. His girlfriend is an active member of UNISON.

Hughes and his girlfriend both know and went to school with Sean Burns, the Socialist Party activist. There is a big network of these people and they run a whole load of front groups. The likes of “Unite against poverty” is an example.

Its going to be a case of just going through them all and building up an idea of what we are dealing with.

Anyway…..this guy runs the page “Anonymous Northern Ireland.” Judging on how often it is updated it must be his main gig.


Like 75% of these guys he is a Republican. With believed familial links to the IRA. His page Anonymous Northern Ireland parrots the Belfast ANTIFA and Courtney Robinson pos+ propaganda. It doesn’t have any “Anonymous” content at all really.

Anonymous Northern Ireland recently shared a Belfast ANTIFA article exposing “fascists.”


What irritates me about these fake front groups is that a lot of the causes they purport to be supporting are genuine and inevitably suffer from being hijacked by these green left types.

Anonymous and pos+ far left authoritarianism of the Sean Burns tax and spend variety couldn’t be more far apart. The green left want you poor and dependent on them and their subscriptionists and corporate sponsors.

Belfast CBD is the heartland of both the Socialist left and the fake libs like the BBC yet people are dying in the streets up there, not in Larne or Carrickfergus. What does that tell you?

RHI scandal is not just an Irish thing

Insider economies are never good. It doesn’t matter who is operating them. The RHI scandal has a long history. Yeah it sort of got underway in 2015 but it is part of a much larger world wide scam.

Obviously those in the know are in line to benefit, while those, ordinarily taxpayers who are not in place to benefit lose out.

This is a global scam. Check out this mad scam in Kenya. A 100 billion shilling industry. Poor sods…..


Basically the globalists and the money men realised that they could make money from climate change or global warming. They went ahead and did that.

Most of these scams do nothing what so ever to benefit the environment and often divert funds from cleaning up real pollution, like plastic microbead collection projects etc.

Lord Moncton, who is a big fan of Northern Ireland and a Roman Catholic speaks on this issue below.


Very often politicians who are not in the know just accept these kinds of things, if you remember Al Gore’s hockey stick diagram. It was totally fake but at the time many high up politicians accepted and generated policy based on it.

It remains to be seen through investigation, if any politicians in Northern Ireland have actually been deliberately mislead. It is quite a complicated issue, that aspect of it the money men had hoped would scare the public away from investigating it. Obviously it has not had this effect.

In effect if you are to call the DUP corrupt then you must call Mr Obama corrupt and Mr Cameron corrupt. This kind of investigation would never get off the ground on mainland Britain because of the system there. It is quite odd but interesting that because of the adversarial political system here that we are seeing these scams challenged.

Many of the flippy floppy leftists here could actually be damaging part of their global agenda with these challenges. If this happens it will be a great boon.