The banks and the refugee crisis

Something that is not talked about in the fake news media at all is where all this refugee money goes to. Ultimately the lion’s share of it goes to the ultra rich, the banks, large landowners etc and the bulk of it is collected in working and middle class taxes. Taxes on fuel, alcohol, income tax etc is all plowed into these refugees. Many of whom are economic migrants from Africa.


The cost of the Refugee crisis in Germany alone in 2017 will be €37bn. The bulk of it will be going to the banks.

How do the banks get it?

  • Banks operate Germany’s benefit system and lend money based on deposits of this kind.
  • The banks own the supermarkets etc that supply the migrants with their groceries at ordinary market rate. This market rate increases according to demand and so the bank’s profits increase.
  • The €10,000 that each of the new refugees receive goes into the banks and is borrowed from the banks. So in this system the banks are effectively lending money on the power of money they have already lent to the government.
  •   The €10,000 payment that each refugee receives is often used to rent business premises or to put down for a mortgage. Either way the banks are laughing.
  • There will be Germans set to work looking after these refugees, a large part of their wages will end up as bank profit.

Its not hard to see why the banks and their puppet fake news outlets are pushing this engineered crisis.

There are ways to cut the banks out of it and the fact that these means are not employed says a lot about the level of corruption in the system.


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