The Northern Ireland leader of Common Purpose worked for the Army in various Blair era war-zones and is now here researching “the cognitive basis of warfare.”




Yeah so that is fucking creepy.

I really do not want anyone that worked for the Army who is “mapping societies in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Somalia and the Congo”, writing a book on “cognitive warfare” and who works for an anti-white genocide charity working here in Northern Ireland “guiding new leaders” or “connecting with clients and members of the society.”

I am a real pro-troops person in general but if this guy is working for common purpose he is a mass immigration social engineer, not your regular soldier. He is not working in our interest.

I had hoped that Cameron would scrap Government support for CP when he got in. He didn’t though. That says a lot about the Conservatives.

I think its fair to say we are under attack from a Psy-op. I knew CP was bad, but this is pretty chilling. Its rare I feel afraid but guys like this and their pseudo-science stuff really actually scares me.

Exposing your kids to this sort of stuff be those kids Catholic or Protestant is not good. Really not good.


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