Fake News globo state PC culture Vs the alt right

The fake news globo state PC culture guys are really having a bad time. A really sucky time. A right wing Twitter Sion has been elected President of the United States.

He is using his platform to call out their scams. Everything from cushy contracts for insiders to the fake news media, manipulating the way we see our own world.

The PC hate crime thing was a great project, that took many years to bring into place. Getting people to believe that you shouldn’t be able to criticise foreign people. Specially the foreign banks that were settling them into a slave system.

The fundamental idea that a nation would impose upon itself (yeah we know its Jews imposing it on us but for the sake of argument) would be unheard of. Why in the hell would you do that? Surely as a result you would lose every argument, including the argument that covers your right to your own safe home.

Yeah, people wouldn’t do that right?

The guy who brought us into the EU was apparently a pedophile………



Yeah…….You wouldn’t do that right………

Yeah ok, so what about the alt-right? what role does it have to play?

It is simple, the alt-right triggers the left and the EU corrupto types to overreact to situations that would probably just be another expenses scandal or something else like that and expose their big dirty system. A system they have maintained for many years does not exist.




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