Edward Carson and Rudyard Kipling were “Anti-Semites”

According to the far left secretary of Edinburgh’s Napier University Edward Carson was an anti-semite. Presuming the definition in this case to mean someone who just hates Jews and Arabs etc just for the colour of their skin.


Here is the fairly odd page in his book “The Ideology of the British Right, 1918-1939.”


citing the anti-white lunatic Gertrude Himmelfarb, real name Bea Kristol as his source, Gerald asserts that our past glorious leader was an early 20s antisemite.

There is no evidence, there is nothing clearly pointing to a source or mentioning anything that might lead one to believe that Lord Carson was an anti-semite.

Himmelfarb is what I would describe as a politically motivated historian masquerading as a political historian. She did a lot of very successful but ultimately biased and flawed work blaming whitie for the crimes of Jewish banking over issues such as factory exploitation.

She wrote a book called the “Idea of poverty” again blaming whitie and downplaying the role of Jewish banks etc in exploitation.

Himmelfarb was sort of a protoziofeminist, attacking white males but lauding feminist figures like George Elliot because she wrote a few lines on the idea of a Jewish state.

Himmelfarb wrote a whole book, much of it conjecture and fiction baring Elliot’s image.

She also specialised in character assassination on white Empire politicians and journalists.  As Jewish influence and the power of the banks grew, as whitie was counting the cost of war II, Kristol began finding many patrons for her skewed narrative. She won the following accolades.

Fellow of the British Academy
Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
Fellow of the Society of American Historians
Council of the National Endowment for the Humanities (1982–88)
Council of Scholars of the Library of Congress (1984–2008)
Board of Trustees of the Woodrow Wilson Center (1985–96)
Council of Academic Advisors of the American Enterprise Institute (1987–present)
Jefferson Lecture (1991)
National Humanities Medal

The impact of the like of Himmelfarb/Kristol on people like Gerald Webber is incredible on our understanding of our own history. This stuff is really dangerous because it causes us to abandon the ideas of leaders like Lord Carson and lowers our guard to things like mass immigration, miscegenation etc.

Gerald likely knew that if he was to pick up and modernise her work that he would get a place at a lefty University, this is the way this works guys.

The only good thing about this is Gertrude is still alive to see the rise of the Alt-right.









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