Baby Milk Fluoride Comment gets kid taken away from parents

The Common Purpose nutcases at Kirklees Council (a Muslim grooming gang hotspot 20 miles from Rotherham) have taken someones kids off them over a comment about Fluoride in baby milk made on Facebook.

The Father is said to have lauded organic baby milk (free from fluoride) on Facebook. The post was noticed by snoopy health workers and reported to the council. Most people wouldn’t think much of that, provided you were brushing the kid’s teeth etc. Common Purpose however teaches these health workers that if you resist fluoridation you are a terrorist and ought to have your kids removed.

The BBC didn’t mention Fluoride in the article incase people would go out and check the toxicity of Fluoride themselves.

This is the kind of thing the BBC does, it is subtle but ultimately shows they are following an elite agenda.

Harvard University released a study recently stating that fluoridation of infants lowers IQ and causes brain damage. Why do they still want it in the baby milk? Can they not fucking read? Or is this revenge for the Holocaust or something?




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