Recruitment agencies and anti-white policy

European recruitment agencies existed long before the early 2000s but they had a very different function than they do today.

Their function up until then was to act as scouts, experts in finding the skills employers needed. That is still a small part of what they do now.


Most recruitment agencies have now morphed into a tool that does two main things.

  1. Earns money for the investors, mainly hedge funds and the banks.
  2. Applies EU social reform and mass immigration policy.

What they do is fairly simple, they bring people in from Europe, Africa, Pakistan and so on. Then give them jobs in our economy. A number of laws brought in during the late 1990s by Phoney Tony Blair allowed recruitment agencies to avoid labour laws. Agencies can sack you whenever they want without any recourse for you at all. The excuse for this was that it would improve employees work ethic and hence the economy as they would constantly fear being sacked.

In the European context this is anti-white and a form of genocide. In the early 1900s Lenin described this tactic, employed by most Empires as an Imperialist ploy called  “manufactured excess of Labour.”

At the high end of most agencies you will find generally minorities, far left traitor whites or women (women typically don’t care). The reason for this is that the EU and the corruptos behind the scheme know that normal functional white males would likely blow the whistle and release the data on how many foreigners the recruitment agencies employ. This data is held like a state secret. I have never seen this data released anywhere.

Pete Feldman, Grafton’s wage skimmer, is now lobbying to stay in the EU because he wants access to more people to drive down our wages even further.

The idea that the talent pool would run dry is ridiculous at the moment. They keep repeating this lie. There are all manner of skilled people in low paid jobs or unemployment. I know hundreds of people with high level qualifications doing menial jobs.

We are hitting an inflationary cycle here, depressed wages and the greed of people like Pete Feldman in raising the prices for their “service”, their parasitical dis-service more like.

“Ghost jobs and half lives” being the norm now, I wonder how long the sheeple will put up with it.









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