Conor Sheridan works for McNaughton Blair. A Grafton offshoot. In the Accounts department. He has not mentioned that in any of his election material that I am aware of.


I wonder how tied in Becky Tester is, an article for another day.


Below he is pictured at a swanky Grafton do in the West Midlands, England. Ok its not swanky but its a Grafton do. Shows you how cheap our slavery is.


He certainly doesn’t mention any Grafton connections in his bio…………

Conor Sheridan – East Antrim

Conor says that “If I become an MLA, I intend to campaign for more employment in East Antrim, support the rights of everyone facing injustice, including fighting for gay rights.”

There is (((employment))) and there is employment. I prefer the latter.

The Larne Times has not mentioned this either, they must be stupid or shills.

This sounds like typical £7 per hour 2 days a week Pete Feldman stuff, bullshit topics, more juicy grants for Grafton.

He has full accounts exposure to McNaughton Blair, a steel fabrication company that would profit heavily from both more (((EU))) workers and refugees. This is a honking conflict of interest and one that would need to be aired and justified, specially in a left wing party.


What we can be sure of is that he is not being honest about his situation. The rest is your guess.



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