Amazon is selling a leftist propaganda card game called “Brexit Britain.”


It features a stereotypical working classed white guy called Mr Dole, who has a can of lager and a pitbull. Charachterising his family as “benefits claimants.” I think its fair to say that calling him Mr Dole is anti-white as it does imply that he is all about the dole. The reality for many working class whites in Britain now is that most are underemployed and struggling because of the EU’s wage smashing immigration.


Next up is the same sex family. Looking suave with the vegan cakes.


Next is the “reality TV family” that looks to be African.


Next is a British Asian youth. Very intelligent and upwardly mobile.


Mr Kowalski does the jobs we don’t want and is all covered in dust. The reality is there are hundreds of thousands of Poles etc earning great wages in clean jobs. I know a lot personally.


Mrs Sterling is a Teresa May lookalike who is a “fat cat banker.”


This game kind of sums up the left wing view. The view of people who have never been in the working class or even skilled job market. They occupy roles in Unions, the civil service or education.

You can buy it here.


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