The left’s subtle war on the British armed forces is quite astounding. The scale and the number of operatives involved is incredible.

There are four main streams to this. They are listed below.

  • Ceaselessly complaining about white males being in the army.
  • Ceaselessly accusing soldiers of being mentally ill after experiencing “PTSD.”
  • The constant bringing to court and accusing soldiers of war crimes.
  • Encouraging Muslims and Dissident Republicans to attack soldiers in public, preventing parades and the wearing of uniform in public.

We have a huge problem that has persisted for at least 20 years. This problem is allowing anti-British doctors and intellectuals into our Universities. Where they have wrought havoc.

I exposed one such professor in my satirical piece “Edge Hill professor defends arrested Nazi.” This man who works at Edge Hill University (close to the rape-gang epicentres Bradford, Rotherham, Sheffield and Rochdale) has been for at least 15 years a successful anti-British social saboteur.

He is one of the main heads behind the Mammoth attempt by the press to paint Protestants as racist. Supplying leftist journalists with all sorts of fudgy statistics and omitting occurrences of racism in the Nationalist community, including one case where a black man was targeted in a punishment beating for dating a white woman.


The authorities have been happy enough for these guys, the bulk of them being Muslims, Irish Republicans and Jews (like the notorious Phil Shiner), to carry on doing what they are doing, largely because they are unable to effect the upper class. Their schemes only effect working class Britons.

There is also the aspect that the EU big wigs want to destroy national identities and get the working class population ready for Greek style wage slavery to the big banks.

With regard to the mental health of our soldiers. We have suffered a number of scandals, with press access to these doctors almost complete. The medical affairs of our soldiers should be a matter of  secrecy.

Below is the kind of reports we are hearing in the press. These are a gift for our enemies.


On the aspect of constant accusations of war crimes we have the case of Phil Shiner, a Jew, who was a one man wrecking ball. You can read about him and his outfit Public Interest Lawyers. His team included Paul McNab, Lucy O’Brien, Padraig Hughes, Bethany Shiner, Christina Ashibogu and Maya Devi Lal. That gives you an idea, its not Billy blue eyes we are dealing with here.

The Daily Mail calls him a Holocaust denier, probably to paint him a Nazi when he is a Jew. Ridiculous.

I point this out as it is important to point out people who are working against our Armed forces, if their background comes into it, as it often does. Its not racist to point out.

Paul McNab is an interesting character in his own right, he has been very active on the left in Birmingham. Including campaigning for the release of a leftist who was part of an unruly mob that took over an overpass in Birmingham in 2011.

Attacks on the army in public

The courts encourage attacks through their two tier justice system, where whites are jailed for the slightest infringement of PC but Muslims etc escape jail despite threats or actual violence being issues to cadets or soldiers. This encourages attacks.

A schoolboy cadet was threatened with shooting in Derbyshire. The suspect was convicted but not jailed.

Female Cadets threatened in Gateshead. Suspects convicted but not jailed.

This is really dangerous appeasement. It will get a kid killed some day.

Anyway…. These people have been able to operate in the dark, with mainstream journalists afraid to call them out because of their background or whatever. We mustn’t be afraid to do that. We have seen the kind of nightmare world that PC culture and submission conjours. It is only going to get worse. It has to be stopped.






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