Tell Mama “inform Government Policy”

The anti-white litigation charity Tell Mama that has already been discredited for making up or exaggerating attacks on Muslims is now informing Government policy. In a letter to the charity Amber Rudd, who still refuses to ban the Muslim Brotherhood, praised the charities work defaming whitie and said the charity was informing Government policy.

Amber Rudd said that “hate crime would not be tolerated” bare in mind hate crime in Britain is anything that upsets anyone and there are people who make a living from being upset.

You can have a look at the law below. The law is deliberately confusing. Whitie is often arrested and then freed later without charge as a deterant, the government know that if you miss a days work for example you are likely to be sacked in this economic environment. One such occurrence of this was a man who quoted Winston Churchill in a speech.

Tell Mama was discredited for publishing figures of attacks and ambiguously presenting online “non-crime hate incidents” as if they had happened down the shops or whatever.

This has had a huge effect on poor whitie and was one of the false flags that was positioned to knock the Leave Campaign. The figures drove the Government down an extreme path with extreme censorship at its centre. An extreme reaction to an over exaggerated situation. The Government is not unable to turn back as the left can call that out as placating whitie.





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