UCD’s weepy oppression song “Sail me to Australia”

They won’t leave anything alone these days. The left holds nothing sacred. There are so many incredible Irish songs, specially choral symphonies. Everything is tainted by the left. Ruined by it.

“I’m decent and I’m clean, fit for any man to know.”

If you put yourself in the position of one of these choral singers, being asked to lay in the sand as if you have been washed up on a beach. This is has a weighty negative effect on both your own esteem and your view of the British.

Not only does this stuff project negatively upon Protestants who by and large shared in the hardships, it just isn’t an honest reflection on the modern position of Irish people, particularly women in Ireland today.


The target of this one is our cousins over in Australia. This is an epic piece of leftist weepoganda.

The same lot of people are behind this, native rights in Australia and then by progression, the rights of Muslims and other third worlders to move over.


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