Land mark Srebrenica trial starts in Serbia

There is no doubt Srebrenica was a bad occurrence. It was not isolated though and there have been massacres committed by Muslims that were as bad and worse. No one is pursuing them, in fact they are getting our EU money.

The terror state of Albania received almost €650 million from us just in the past 6 years. They have also been allowed to flood into Europe where they have become notorious for using Turkish sourced heroin to rape pimp locals in France and Holland. They are also notorious for high end cat burglary, not the pink panther type though, arms are often used.

The EU and their corrupto regime in Serbia are pursuing a Holocaust style never ending trials and endless blame agenda.


Similar to that they are still afflicting on Germany 70 years after the war, anyone responsible is long dead.

Almost every white country is open to these vexatious trials, as the UK is finding out with the Shiner debacle, designed to create a never ending guilt showcase. This acts as a cover for their white genocide and convinces new immigrants that whites are prime for exploitation because of the weight of their guilt.

Its time to chase these money grabbing EU lawyers and their left wing agenda over the hill and far away.


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