Jewish firm Saatchi to be hired by the Government to counter the “right wing narrative.”

The Company started by the wealthy Iraqi Jew Charles Saatchi will be hired to counter the “right wing narrative”, with special mention for the EDL.

It is clear why they fear the EDL. They pour millions into targeting the EDL (well individuals) rather than targeting the reasons for the EDL. The EDL have truth on their side,  though they have never been very effective at communicating the truth. Their image looks to have been set up by the press, I wouldn’t doubt hope not hate might have invented the neoprene England mask.

When they came to my town a canal robbery that happened hours after they left was attributed to them in the local paper.

Although as it happens with truth,  the EDL never seems to go away. It has changed leadership and substancial membership many times, often with the security services or hope not hate having more of an idea of what is going on than the members.

This is due only in part to the perseverance of attendees, who in some cases have endured persecution, assault and in the case of Kevin Crehan death at the hands of the authorities.

The EDL has been attacked ceaselessly since it began with all sorts of provocations, physical attacks, agents pretending to be EDL, mass unfair jailing, dodgy trials and all the rest.

If you compare the EDL to the ANTIFA, like for like, the ANTIFA is never pressured but out for violence. The EDL comes under extreme kettling and all sorts of provocationary tactics. The picture below speaks 1000 words. I don’t know if bucking under the baton is considered assaulting a police officer now or what.


I can’t see £60 million in the hands of a Jew stopping the rise of the right. Saatchi was behind the skinhead on the see-saw advert. We all know how that went. I’m sure Saatchi will want his profit too. It would be interesting to see the figure invested in the end. lol.



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