Dr Raied Al-Wazzan is an out and proud ISIS supporter, who made a series of statements supporting the Islamic State, that has burnt, gassed, bread kneaded, shot, beheaded, hanged, drowned and burnt many Christians. He was “viciously attacked on Facebook” by a woman who was suggesting, essentially if he supports those actions to be taken against Christians, as he does, then he might be subject to the same. Its an academic moral comparison, not a threat. That is clear as day.


If there was an ounce of justice either both of these people would have convictions or none. I would say Al-Wazzan has the stronger case against him than the Coleraine woman simply because she was making a moral comparison and he was implicitly supporting real world actions.


Wazzan’s ISIS support:



2 thoughts on “Belfast: Woman Convicted for saying ISIS supporter “should be sent to the gas chambers”

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