The Celtic Party

The Celtic Party Ireland is Ireland’s branch of what looks to be a wider network of “Celtic” nationalists who seek to protect Celtic interests and culture.

Celtic nations include.

  • Isle of Mann
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Wales
  • Brittany
  • Cornwall



This would more than likely expand to include areas occupied by diaspora.

Ulster-Scots people, could argue that they were at least partly Celtic.

The Celtic Party look to be on the right, although in their Constitution they forbid themselves from following political dogma.

Below they ask “1916, for what? Mass invasion?” This being based on Ireland being declared officially the EU nation with the largest proportion of foreign born citizens.


What interests this blogger is that there seems to be an entente cordiale growing around this party, its proponents and the emerging right in the UK.

Many in England are eager to claim bloodless agreements that could settle the timeless issues of nationalism in these areas and many have conflicting interests due to dual loyalties.

We seem to be encroaching again upon another phase of stalemate in Northern Ireland, with various marxist schemes coming due.

Below Tony O’Neill, a leading figure in the CPPI talks at Jez Turner’s London Forum on the subject of white genocide and the EU. Its funny when he says third, it sounds as if he is saying “turd.”






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