There has been a sharp rise in grooming and a violent rise in cuckoldry. There is reference made to the “bigotry” that these three merry friends (featured in the video below) stand against but no specifics. Could it be working class whites? Looks like it.

Reform rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner is joined by Imam Ajmal Masroor and the Bishop of Edmunton, at Whightman Road Mosque


The Imam is wearing the red “Fez” hat that commemorates massacres of Christians in North Africa.

Infact we have prepared a collage of Ajmal Masroor not wearing his genocide hat to demonstrate that in this video he might be making a statement.


Do you member when the Church of England used to stand up for Christians? A long time ago now.




2 thoughts on “A sharp rise in Cuckoldry

    1. Cuckoldry would be if you are a Bishop supporting those Muslim grooming gangs etc persecuting your flock. Specially if you were getting the EU pieces of silver for it. That is as good and solid a case of cuckoldry as any.


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