There has been a lot of Jewish influence in Belfast for the past 150 years, ever since they stole the gold from Russian or German banks and came here as refugees.  This actually happened twice, once during the Crimean War and later during the prelude to the Jewish led Bolshevik revolution. They turn up somewhere with bags of gold looking for peasants to slave and plunder. Usually the elites of the country in question are (ultimately foolishly) more than happy to entertain them.


Anyway, there are many figures who ran Northern Ireland’s economy that were Jews, including Gustav Wolff of the famous Harland and Wolff shipyard and Otto Jaffe who was one of the German runaways, twice Lord Mayor of Belfast who used his gold to buy up much of Northern Ireland’s slave like linen industry.

Below: “Jaffas” at work oppressing the poor minorities. Unwise to the horrors their kids would have to face. Unwise ultimately to what is turning out to be #whitegenocide.


The origin of the term “jaffa” predates Jaffa cakes and was a term for the lucky people permitted to work in the slave mills.

This is often referenced by Republicans, that Protestants got first call to jobs in the Jew owned and run ship yards and mills as being a reason to single people out for murder. This gripe has caused many a death. A division that Jews have cultivated everywhere they operate, from New York to Moscow. A division mentioned by the EU’s hero Saul Alinsky in his book “Rules for radicals.”


This continues today with the likes of Pete Feldman, Grafton’s wage skimmer.


Pete Feldman, who more or less decides if you get a job or not. If you can have a family or not and takes half your wages for the banks. Pete is God in Northern Ireland. He doesn’t have to follow any labour laws at all. Tony Blair made sure of that.

By no means are all Jews involved. It just happens that the reality of the financial situation the Jews have attained and their temperament means that they seem to find themselves in situations where it does benefit them to slander, slave, defraud and defame white people.

Where it happens it is not anti-Semitic to call it out because we are the reaction, they are the carrying out the attack.  If I were enacting some sort of financial curb on Jews or announcing ways to stunt their opportunities and influence that might be anti-Semetic. Them doing it to us is anti-white.

Not only can they be found at the very heart of Northern Ireland’s (and Irelands) financial elite, they are also planted throughout the civil service, like this powerful woman whom we are exposing as Northern Ireland’s white genocide (equality) Czar.


Northern Ireland has a new Commissioner for Public Appointments. The aptly named Judena Leslie who last year inherited the role, a role designed to implement diversity quotas in Northern Ireland. Her name comes from Hebrew and means “A Jewish woman worthy of praise.” She is an incredibly powerful woman, effectively the executive element in the continuing erosion of native influence and power in Northern Ireland.


Drawing on her 15/16 CPA report we will analyse some of her nefarious deeds and statements. Also below is the PDF code of practice. These are not secret documents but they are incredibly invisible in the press and the language is evasive.

For the ease of the reader the element will be displayed along with its explanation in the corresponding report. The sources will be displayed in italics.

Judena encourages, no forces departments to only advertise certain roles to certain people. One example might be an advert in the Muslim Student Union publication at Queens University for a certain role. They openly admit many times in the report that they hide certain roles from white men. 

Code of Practice

3.6 The Department must prepare an appointment plan, which will include:

a. the content of publicity, together with the methods and spread of publicising the appointment;

b. a section on diversity which sets out what steps (in outreach and process) will be taken to achieve the best possible spread of applicants and, ultimately, appointees;

Judena forces departments to come up with a gender report in the case of each appointment, if there are more men than women a woman must be hired and vice versa. Bare in mind that a black man counts as a man in this system. There must be an equal amount of Black and Muslim men as there are white men etc. Anyone can see that this is not a genuine attempt at fairness but poorly concealed #whitegenocide. 

Code of Practice

3.6 c. details of the gender breakdown of the current membership of the board to which appointments are being made;

Judena manipulates closing dates in order to benefit certain candidates. For example if there was to be a large graduation of local white students Judena might post a role with a due date that was before their graduation and eligibility. 

Code of Practice

3.6 e. the closing date for applications, proposed assessment and interview date(s), and the planned date of appointment;

Judena doesn’t notify certain candidates if they have the job or not, as a way of silently eliminating them. 

Code of Practice 

3.6 h. an indication of how applicants will be informed of the progress and outcome of their application; 

Judena allows certain favoured candidates to submit late applications. An example of this might be a Pakistani Muslim who completed his degree later in the year because of EID. 

3.6 i. a clear procedure for handling late applications, which will be applied consistently to ensure all applicants are treated equally and fairly;

The code of practice and its implications for natives is simply scary. If you read behind the lines and then also consider the old boys network that exists in Northern Ireland it is particular leveraged against white Catholic males.

Selection Panels and Common Purpose

Common purpose is the “charity” that educates high and middle ranking civil servants on how to implement the “diversity”  #whitegenocide agenda. The Selection Panels are made up of Common Purpose graduates and only CP graduates. This eliminates and undesirable people.

The Selection Panel

3.7 Every appointment process will involve a selection panel, taking into consideration the requirement for independent participation at paragraph 2.6. The selection panel will normally comprise: a. a senior official of the Department, who may chair the selection panel; b. the Chair, or a representative, of the public body; c. an Independent Assessor allocated by the Commissioner (whose participation does not remove the Departmental Responsibility cited in paragraph 1.6).

Judena argues that hiring non-whites is “good for the economy.” This is a tell tale Common Purpose approach, it is ubiquitous in all of these documents but never explained.

15/16 CPA annual report section on Diversity

The arguments in favour of diversity on corporate boards both public and private have been well and often made. These arguments are not just around fairness and representative democracy; there is now good evidence to show that diversity in decision making roles in economic activity is good for business and the overall economy.

Judena hired  Independant Assessors on 47 job allocations. This is the control mechanism that the British Government use to ensure their people, or the right kind of people are in executive positions in Northern Ireland.  

15/16 CPA annual report section on Diversity

6.1 c role of the independent assessor 

Independent Assessors have a duty to challenge the panel and the Department when they identify deviation from the Code and from best-practice, and to refer the problem to the Department and to the Commissioner as necessary. After each competition, the Independent Assessor completes a review of the competition, highlighting to the Commissioner any points of concern. All issues raised by the Independent Assessor are followed up by CPA NI.

Judena hails her Independant Assessors “Diversity champions.” Please bare in mind these are people who come from England.

15/16 CPA annual report section on Diversity

6.2 Independent Assessors – Diversity Champions

The Commissioner has made the policy of increasing diversity on public boards a key priority of her tenure. The Independent Assessor has an important role to play in promoting this approach and is in a position to encourage recognition, at appointment panel level, of the benefits of diversity. The Commissioner has now tasked each Independent Assessor to take on the role of diversity champion in each public appointment process in which he or she is involved. Specific training was held in-year for the pool of Independent Assessors to prepare them for this new role and the Commissioner and staff will continue to encourage and assist the Independent Assessors in any way they can.

Judena gets paid £40 per hour for this work and her tiny department racked up over £32,000 in expenses not including wages. All this considering all they do is manipulate who gets employed and who doesn’t. 

CPA NI Costs 2015/2016

Rent £12,090.00

Maintenance £5,791.41

Maintenance administration fees £1,052.15

Cleaning £2,005.20

Energy Costs £4,454.57

Hospitality £76.91

Other Premises Costs £181.51

Public Awareness / Engagement £497.60

Computers/IT/Phones £620.88

Contingencies £1,169.07

Independent Assessors £3,322.69

Annual Report £256.05

Travel and Subsistence £931.75

Subscriptions £335.00

TOTAL £32,784.79 42

The Statement of Expenditure above does not include remuneration which is as follows: The Commissioner is contracted to commit 75 days per year to her post and receives remuneration of £23,877. The seconded officers who make up the Commissioner’s staff are remunerated at their respective Civil Service rates.


3 thoughts on “Belfast: Jews and anti-white policy

  1. Great article. I am sure the traitor Jerry Adams and his mulit culti Sinn Fein cronies are more than happy with the above situation in Northern Ireland just as they are with a similar situation in Southern Ireland. It’s a typical divide and rule strategy that has been used by the top dogs for centuries on the island of Ireland and indeed all of Europe. We of The Celtic Party consider all Loyalists and Republicans to be our European racial Brothers and Sisters. We must unite our political efforts to throw off our oppressors once and for all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wise words Tony, multiculturalism will not discriminate on the basis of perceived religion, doubt if Abdul and Mohammed enquirer as to the religious persuasion of the children they were passing around in Rotherham,

      Both multiculturalism and the cultural Marxism of Sinn Fein are issues for us all whether we are in Lisburn or Limerick, Antrim or Athlone.


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