The banks and the refugee crisis

Something that is not talked about in the fake news media at all is where all this refugee money goes to. Ultimately the lion’s share of it goes to the ultra rich, the banks, large landowners etc and the bulk of it is collected in working and middle class taxes. Taxes on fuel, alcohol, income tax etc is all plowed into these refugees. Many of whom are economic migrants from Africa.


The cost of the Refugee crisis in Germany alone in 2017 will be €37bn. The bulk of it will be going to the banks.

How do the banks get it?

  • Banks operate Germany’s benefit system and lend money based on deposits of this kind.
  • The banks own the supermarkets etc that supply the migrants with their groceries at ordinary market rate. This market rate increases according to demand and so the bank’s profits increase.
  • The €10,000 that each of the new refugees receive goes into the banks and is borrowed from the banks. So in this system the banks are effectively lending money on the power of money they have already lent to the government.
  •   The €10,000 payment that each refugee receives is often used to rent business premises or to put down for a mortgage. Either way the banks are laughing.
  • There will be Germans set to work looking after these refugees, a large part of their wages will end up as bank profit.

Its not hard to see why the banks and their puppet fake news outlets are pushing this engineered crisis.

There are ways to cut the banks out of it and the fact that these means are not employed says a lot about the level of corruption in the system.

#fakenews invent fake terrorists

Sean Creighton has been jailed for 9 years, 5 for possessing a “white resistance manual” that MI5 probably sent him and 4 for “anti-social behaviour.” The sentences are running concurrently but are a scary development in free speech law.


Its not clear from court documents exactly what white power accessories that Sean had.

It is thought he may have owned button pins and stickers with patriotic images emblazoned upon them.

Sean Creighton below on the right.


Ultimately this guy is being jailed for a file on his computer that he won’t have known the contents of until he downloaded it. If he got a non-bias lawyer he could have easily argued that. This manual is probably a “doomsday prepper” type thing that shows you how to snare badgers and stuff.

We will never know as obviously you will be jailed for looking at it, we will just have to take their word for it.

There is no law against having this kind of thing, they just use these all encompassing terrorist laws. If you have a diagram on how to make a bow and arrow they could put you in prison for it.

Meanwhile across the UK, rapists and ISIS jihadis avoid any kind of jail sentence.

If they are going to hand out sentences like 9 years for literal thought crime, we will have to look into MI5 and make sure they aren’t fixing people up. We know they have done a lot of that in the recent past. #operationgladio #kierandoherty #spyinabag #drdavidkelly

By being silent on this issue the majority of the public and the #fakenews media are handing the Government the right to pretend people are terrorists and jail them for it. Previous to this the only way you could legally label someone a terrorist was if they were actually a terrorist.

There have been a number of cases recently that resemble Minority report style pre-crime stuff – i.e. if some common purpose graduate in some quango thinks your views are counter revolutionary, then you are an official real terrorist and there are plenty of CP people in the CPS.

Regarding Sean posing with a deactivated rifle. You can buy these rifles online for £200 or less and it is not illegal to pose with one. Infact we know that an Albanian gang was acquitted of possessing weapons because they might have been deactivated. The guns were never found. So it seems to be discretionary if your a terrorist or not if you pose with one of these rifles. Pure political policing.

One of the rifles for sale for £200, along with its legal certificate.

Sean would have likely known his posing with a rifle would be provocative but he wouldn’t have had any reason to believe it would be illegal, quite the contrary.

Its ok for refugees to fire off guns in public though.


I hope they don’t kill Sean like they murdered Kevin Crehan.

In other news a man has been fined £250 for protesting the refugees who summarily rape our women with an  “image on a T-Shirt.” Castration at the Bataclan doesn’t justify a T-Shirt! The fake news won’t show what was on the T-Shirt. It is believed the T-Shirt will be incinerated by the thought Police.


Leader of CP in Northern Ireland is writing a book on the cognative basis of warfare

The Northern Ireland leader of Common Purpose worked for the Army in various Blair era war-zones and is now here researching “the cognitive basis of warfare.”




Yeah so that is fucking creepy.

I really do not want anyone that worked for the Army who is “mapping societies in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Somalia and the Congo”, writing a book on “cognitive warfare” and who works for an anti-white genocide charity working here in Northern Ireland “guiding new leaders” or “connecting with clients and members of the society.”

I am a real pro-troops person in general but if this guy is working for common purpose he is a mass immigration social engineer, not your regular soldier. He is not working in our interest.

I had hoped that Cameron would scrap Government support for CP when he got in. He didn’t though. That says a lot about the Conservatives.

I think its fair to say we are under attack from a Psy-op. I knew CP was bad, but this is pretty chilling. Its rare I feel afraid but guys like this and their pseudo-science stuff really actually scares me.

Exposing your kids to this sort of stuff be those kids Catholic or Protestant is not good. Really not good.

Lowering the EU flag

The EU center in Belfast looks really tired. Someone has even gone along and picked some of the writing off the window. need Irfo? One could be forgiven for thinking it was an Irish language center.


Dust is gathering on the carpet and the place just doesn’t look loved.

Looks like they are getting ready to leave.

We have won.



Fake News globo state PC culture Vs the alt right

The fake news globo state PC culture guys are really having a bad time. A really sucky time. A right wing Twitter Sion has been elected President of the United States.

He is using his platform to call out their scams. Everything from cushy contracts for insiders to the fake news media, manipulating the way we see our own world.

The PC hate crime thing was a great project, that took many years to bring into place. Getting people to believe that you shouldn’t be able to criticise foreign people. Specially the foreign banks that were settling them into a slave system.

The fundamental idea that a nation would impose upon itself (yeah we know its Jews imposing it on us but for the sake of argument) would be unheard of. Why in the hell would you do that? Surely as a result you would lose every argument, including the argument that covers your right to your own safe home.

Yeah, people wouldn’t do that right?

The guy who brought us into the EU was apparently a pedophile………


Yeah…….You wouldn’t do that right………

Yeah ok, so what about the alt-right? what role does it have to play?

It is simple, the alt-right triggers the left and the EU corrupto types to overreact to situations that would probably just be another expenses scandal or something else like that and expose their big dirty system. A system they have maintained for many years does not exist.