Labour Alternative is the Socialist Party

Labour Alternative and its message of cross community solidarity is quite literally a front for the old green left. Labour Alternative is just a slightly more acceptable face used by the Socialist Party. A hugely Republican dominated party.


In this link below the socialist party admits to launching Labour Alternative. Labour alternative, is the Socialist Party.

The archive.

All the socialist party has done in this instance is GET TO a few people from the protestant community and spend some time indoctrinating them on class warfare with the aim of getting them to appeal to and co-opt the Protestant working class voice. Class warfare and socialism being the tools that the green left want to use to chip away at whatever wealth and influence Protestants may still have.

The third level education system and unions are used heavily in this conspiracy, as is Common Purpose, the mainland UK based communist charity that the Daily Mail called “The left’s gentlemans club.”

Courtney Robinson, the leading “Protestant” in the Party posted this on her Facebook. Commemorating the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.


She is also a typical third wave feminist who took part in the highly degenerate “Abortion pill train.” Where a load of female lefty politicians and activists took abortion pills bought in the UK to Dublin and took them in defiance of the law.


Anyway, front parties listed in the Socialist Party strategy document polled 50,000 collective votes in 2016 and are set this time to take home a bigger share.

Cross Community Labour Alternative are a symptom of a problem that Unionists have been allowing to fester for some time. A problem that is not isolated to Northern Ireland but does take on a sectarian tone here.

To put it simply the left runs the public services, educational establishment and the unions.



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