A refugee, who is obviously a handy boxer has knocked out a man to share the video online for profit. Basically these gangs start fights with drunk lone males and attack them.  As you can see the native is holding a takeaway bag, having just left a fast food joint.

One of the gang members, anticipating the attack was filming as the man left the restaurant with his take-out. He was then followed into the street by the assailant. With one gang member filming in the doorway.

As you can see from the end of the clip.


This man was obviously drunk and was targeted by the gang to provide CLICKBAIT for scamming websites. A video like this can be worth thousands to a gang as it is sold on to many websites internationally who use it to scam and peddle merchandise.

This is quite common now, for Muslims to attack whites and use the videos for  scamming and just plain anti-white entertainment websites. Most cases go unreported. This has even been known to include rapes.


It is something that should be pursued and prosecuted, as yet I have never heard of one case of the gangs even being arrested.

The equivalent would be Neo-Nazis beating up refugees and using the footage to sell T-Shirts and ad-space. I can’t imagine the powers that be turning a blind eye to that.

Does anyone recognise where this is? If so please contact us using our contact form. We would like to find out who this refugee is and ensure he is not able to carry out more attacks.

The Daily Mail, the British cuckservative newspaper linked to the video and wrote “Massive man gets knocked out by smaller opponent.”

The man on the left but for his boots would be the same height as the refugee and has a big beer belly. This is why we need white working class media. The toffs and the left like to see a white “chav” hit the ground.



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