Jumana Manna and Sile Storihle. Two artsy mass immigration proponents and Hamas supporters from Norway have toured Belfast over the past weeks and this blog has been following their campaign.


They were in Belfast to give talks on “Forms of resistance” and to meet with local Republican activists.



“We have managed to keep unemployment low, far lower than the rest of Western Europe. We have many reasons for self respect but no reason to be self-righteous. What we have won is important but greatness is measured in what we can do for others. Here we have an inheritance to live up to. Norway must be a nation of benevolence and solidarity. Let us follow in the footsteps Fridtjof Nansen (Norway’s 1921 UN Commisioner of refugees) in his work for refugees and the needy in other countries. Our vision is that one day no child will stretch out his hand for bread and not receive it.”

Their material is subtle. The left is always quite subtle in order to gently nudge normies into holding odd opinions in a gradual manner. Not subtle enough though not to feature a child with an assault rifle.


The intention of these speaking tours is for them to act as an acceptable form of interactive learning for lefty trade union/social worker types. It is a dangerous ideology that they are peddling. One that glorifies violent struggle and seeks to co-opt native European support for Hamas.

Please remember again guys this is Lottery funded. Remember that when you buy your lottery ticket.

One of their weird terror glorifying/ Christian slating videos:





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