A Pakistani heroin lord, one of the very many Pakistanis targeting our young here in the UK has a home in BANGOR.


What this likely means is that they have some sort of operation in Northern Ireland. We know of likely foreign grooming/drugs gangs operating in North Down but need more information.

Do you have any information on drug dealing in Bangor? If so contact this blog through the contact form.

Never be afraid to report drugs gangs to the Police, these people are scum and need run out of town before they take proper root.




Apparently we are in the throws of a heroin epidemic. This issue might need some attention as it does seem to be being fed by immigration and the breakdown of Northern Irish communities.


Heroin addict attacks and kills a man in Ballyrobert, not far from Bangor.


Plush Hillsborough being used as a base to target middle class Ulsterfolk with heroin.




11 thoughts on “Pakistani Heroin Lord has a house in Bangor

  1. This is an irresponsible attack on Pakistani and moslem people. By all means eliminate drug dealers of all nationalities but why stress the fact that one of them is Pakistani when we have hundreds os home grown scum dealing in death. Articles like this have had decent Pakistani people attacked. A neighbour of mine,a totally harmless lady of Pakistani descent had her window smashed recently.This attack may have been random vandalism or racism caused by the hadred of people like the author. I would have hanged drug dealers of whatever nationality or creed.


    1. Per percentage of population it is most likely that it is pakisatanis / muslims that peddle this muck and run a car wash as a front to launder there dirty drugs money that is how they get the money to drive round in 50k cars and no doubt it is written in there book of death it is ok to do it to those that dont believe in what they do


      1. As the ANTIFA commenters point out we don’t want to get into pointing fingers at innocent people. From what we have seen it seems to be already established Pakistanis working through newly arrived foreign people, not all of them Muslim. We will be looking into the how they meet these people and publishing reports.


    2. I know this individual and his family. I know where they live work, and their history. They are Pakistani heroin dealers and they where once subject to paramilitary attacks due to their activities.


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