Discussing the issue of Irish Nationalism with alt-right Irish people, the same issue always crops up. Immigration.

This really is a deal breaker for a lot of people. The leadership of Sinn Fein have spent years touring the world, getting hero treatment from all sorts of foreign freedom fighter types. They have a very romanticised view of immigration.

The effects of mass immigration slapped onto (largely) Irish emigrant working class communities in Manchester, Rotherham, Leeds, Bradford and other similar places have been measured. We can actually view the dream in action and it isn’t good.

The effect on the individual is profound. Irish working class people, like any other western people operate at the individual or close family level. This is what allows the country to function. There are generally no massive clans using game theory like we see with Pakistanis in the UK.

This is part of the reason why Muslim countries are so corrupt. These clans are always vying for power. The clan system is a survival mechanism that has grown up in the middle east. When it is brought to bare on a working class community in the western world it wins the day. Every time.

No town in England has had a population capable of withstanding an assault from one of these clans. It only ever goes one way.

Sinn Fein constantly denies the fact that for example a Pakistani population, once it gets going, can chase a working class community out of a town in a matter of ten years. With rape, white slavery etc being used as weapons of war.

Irish people can read the news. They know what happened in Rotherham with just an 8% Muslim population.  Its closer to home though when its areas of Dublin or Cork that are being annexed and the oddities of the occupation become ominously clear.

Its coming, they know it.

There will be a resurgence of the right wing in Ireland. Fine Gael are cucklords now, people know that too. Unless there is an Irish Trump style reformer to drain the swamp, Fine Gael will not be that resurgence.

People also think Marxism, the kind promoted by Sinn Fein is a disaster, heres why:

  • In order to keep a population “radical” you have to keep them in a “revolutionary mindset.” In the case of Northern Ireland this turns off investment from the UK, our nearest neighbor. If people in England think you are Marxists it always hinders opportunities. Marxists don’t make good employees. They are troublesome.
  • The social state, the kind that Sinn Fein promotes. That is staffed by radical social functionaries is very sluggish and doesn’t foster production. The radical functionaries, the only people trusted by Sinn Fein to operate in Nationalist communities are rarely captains of industry and are poorly networked.
  • They ask for money for refugees, no one wants to give away money to refugees, its a dead end road. Unless you are going to build a factory or something for them to work supplying Irish industry.
  • Sinn Fein’s people are all pivoted toward higher social attainment and progressivism. Although there is a reasonable need for a certain amount of these types of people, Sinn Fein has too many. They are kind of pursuing elements of a communist system alongside a economic system that can’t afford it.
  • Sinn Fein has had, at times justified conflict with the Catholic Church. Everyone remembers the old houses the Church used to rent to Catholics. However this conflict has gone on too long and the moral authority of the Church is constantly challenged. This is irking conservatives in Ireland.

The best case scenario is a conservative alt-right style administration in Ireland working with what will hopefully be less swampy Unionists in the North to rebuild the economy. Open new factories and shut down the waste.

We won’t theorise or social work our way out of this situation. The EU is a corporate slave state and Ireland absolutely must withdraw.

People are happy when they are going places, political deadlock becomes less significant in a society in ascension.








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