In the coming years Belfast will become a migrant city. Awash with refugees looking for a no passports entry route to the UK. The Ferry terminals will resemble Calais albeit on a smaller scale. The soup kitchens, already struggling with the current homelessness and migration crisis will be at breaking point. Our hospitals will be stuffed with refugees getting a lifes worth of ailments fixed.

It will be like England. We will be paying Pakistani doctors £100,000 plus a year to treat Pakistani patients. Without a hint of a benefit for us. We won’t even be able to soak up the warm heart feeling for long before the rapes will begin (or continue) in earnest.

Ireland has the highest rate of foreign born residents. As it stands 1 in 8 were born overseas. Even the likes of Germany only has 10%. Although they have more of a history of mass migration this means Ireland is starting down the road to cultural genocide.

This is what Belfast will look like in 20 years time.

We have a tendency to overplay the problems we have here. You really don’t know your problems until the area you live in turns into THIS.




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