Antifascists support “black genocide”

Something I have always wondered about was why antifascists support eugenics organisations that target blacks. I get the whole thing about them wanting to give a woman the right to choose etc.

Planned Parenthood is way more than that.


Planned Parenthood has been proven to target people based on their race.

78% of their clinics are in BME neighborhoods. (USA)

35% of their abortions are performed on blacks despite blacks making up just 12% of the population. (USA)


The website, a website dedicated to exposing eugenics practices against the black community in the United States has a whole page on Planned Parenthood.

Below is a damning map of planned parenthood locations, dotted all over Black America and noticeably absent from white areas.


Looks like the Dems might be the real racists after all.




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