Belfast Islamic Centre Nation of Islam recording

The Belfast Islamic Centre and Queens University received a GOVERNMENT FUNDED visit from a man who was a “card carrying racist” and ex member of the Nation of Islam. Dawud Adib (Adeeb), a “salafi lecturer” recorded this with an Audience in 2005.


The recording is quite disturbing but it is advised that everyone from Northern Ireland listens to it. It is an obvious attempt to paint White Protestants in a bad light.

It is a stark warning as to what the elites have planned for our future that they are fostering Anti-White racism at our own expense in our own homeland. The recording is available by following the link.

“They [whites] will take that man tie him up and let him witness them slicing her stomach until the baby comes out”

“White people in general in the South in general used to take a train ride to watch the lynchings”

He generalises whites as racists then says racists “Have a problem with the creator.”

He also attacks our tradition of honoring our forefathers. Saying “They are no more than the few of hell.”

Part of racism is having “pride in your ancestors.”

Two years after this speech was given Queens University graduate Kafeel Ahmed died in the attempted car bombing of Glasgow Airport.


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