Swedish “racists” hijack gay pride Stolkholm

Is it racist to black-face? Apparently so. Its ok for black people to paint their faces white though. Many do, specially in Africa. The BLM activist Beyonce has white-faced. Is she a racist?


There have been many occasions where black-facing, even where it is an age old custom, from long before mass immigration, has been called racist.

Morris Dancers assaulted in Birmingham;


I was researching this issue and had heard of  the “Black Pete”tradition in Sweden. They are having similar problems where the left are demanding an end to their age old customs;



Anyway, in the above picture we have what looks to me to be a prank by 2013’s answer to the Alt-Right at a Gay pride event in Stockholm Sweden.

This is the original article from the black lady who originally posted this picture. I had a look into her and she doesn’t look like a BLM type. She seemed to be genuinely aggrieved by these folks and their shocking outfit.

She has a quaint little travel page, worth a like;


Anyway the gist of the article is that she is shocked that Stolkholm, wich she looks at through the lens of a “travel destination” would have spectacles like this in the street and was shocked to see people dressed like this.

It is not totally unreasonable as it is hard to see the value of the costume, other than to denigrate blacks.

“How they could possibly think that dressing up as a parody of a Black couple with their sexual organs on display or dressing up in Black face was appropriate is beyond my comprehension.”

The original article


I would say it was probably a prank targeted at the left rather than Africans. The left using minorities and allowing migrant groups unlimited scope to commit crime has effected how coloured people are viewed in Europe. It is unfair, it is regressive, it is bad for everyone but hey, thats Communism.

MILO goes into it a bit here.










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