Edge Hill Professor defends arrested “Nazi”

A professor named Mark McGovan from Edge Hill University has given a speech railing against the UK Government’s prevent strategy. A set of laws that have now been used to imprison a white rights activist who comes from the town where Charlene Downes was murdered and “put into kebab meat” by an Iranian grooming gang.



In the intro to his video he RAILS against the “Subversion, sabotage and spying” and “Political Policing ” contained in the prevent legislation.

He starts out by saying “I want to argue against the stated purpose of the prevent policy.”

He says that the prevent policy has “little or nothing to do with people being drawn into terrorism, rather they are means to introduce a culture of compliance and bureaucratised technology of surveillance.”

He says that the Government are promoting an “integrationalist agenda”and “In doing so the prevent duty also demonstrates how securatising agendas and the language and logic of an intelligence paradigm can expand into a wide range of areas of social life with an equally broad range of socially oppressive projects.”

“I also want to suggest that the political project and form of thought underpinning the logic of the prevent duty adopts a specific ideological model to explain the routes of political dissent, social alienation and critical inquiry exemplified in the flawed conception of radicalisation that is drawn from a fusion of the dominant strand of academic terrorism studies and arguments derived largely from neo-conservative prospectives.”

This guy is solid, he hates the cucks too. Why couldn’t he have been my lecturer?

He goes on to say “Ideology and the realm of ideas becomes an overwhelming focus of concern, as does the alleged vulnerability of those at risk of radicalisation.”

He talks about people’s apparent vulnerability being used against them. Like the idea that the police should be able to control little Jacky’s opinion because he might be subject to big bullies forcing him to say nasty things.

Below a picture of baby faced “Wee Jacky” who now languishes in prison for nasty words. Given the likely [the investigation is supposedly ongoing] murder of Kevin Crehan at the hands of Islamists in prison and how “racists” are treated by the majority non-white population in many UK prisons this could be a death sentence.


The link to McGovan’s video:


Renshaw’s arrest:


*NIDEMANDSTHERIGHT does not condone any of the people in this article but will not condemn their right to free speech*






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