According to a FAKE NEWS WEBSITE the ex Britain First man Jim Dowson lied about leaving Britain First to spend more time with family and actually joined Putin’s efforts to install Donald Trump as President.

Irish Central then put out a hysterical article insinuating that Loyalist Paramilitaries were behind the Trump election, this piece is like one of those Radio One shows where they tell you what a block of cheese has in common with a walrus. All put out with a straight face too.

In the article Irish Central call Jim Dowson an “Ulster Loyalist” and an “Ulster extremist” when actually Jim Dowson is from Airdrie, across the water in Scotland. He also speaks with a Scottish accent. This is an obvious attempt to shore up his alleged ties to paramilitaries. How fake newsy is that?

Its a shame to see Irish publications covering up #pizzagate and spinning #fakenews disinfo when to be fair there is no reason for them to cuck out like that.

The Newsletter’s piece wasn’t much better, it didn’t mention any of the ins and outs of #pizzagate. It just focused on Jim Dowson’s denials of being a racist and his past.

Dowson was convicted of peacefully protesting the removal of the Union Jack from Belfast City Hall, in what was another of this decades heavy blows for free speech in the UK.








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