Coventry socialist exposed as #Racist


The self confessed communist troll and ultra politically correct ANTIFA activist Kristian Sucilla O’Sullivan can himself now be EXPOSED as a racist.

Kristian was (may still be) the president of Coventry’s Student Socialist Party group and NUS rep. Coventry’s SP group is extremely politically correct to the point that they try to shut down anyone protesting against grooming in the town or the injustice over the racist murder of Andy Pratt. The murder of a white pensioner who was beaten to death in the street by a Muslim who got just 42 months in jail for the brutal racist murder.

He is pictured below opposing a a protest called by the English Defence League.



He stood for election in the Henley subdivision of coventry polling a miserable 35 votes.


He has campaigned to get Police off campus. Being for big government surely you should want more police.


My advice to him comes from the bible;

“You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Also get another jacket you’re boggin.

For those unaware how this works. The Archive links are mirrors saved as evidence of his posts. So he can’t delete and say we photo shopped screen shots etc. Anyway here are his hate crimes;

He calls his female teacher a “dumb bitch.”


He commits a religiously motivated HATE CRIME by calling the Catholic Church “pricks.”


He likens himself to a cup of tea spiked with rohypnol.


a rape one.


Below we have a comment trivialising rape and having a dig at the big issue guys 😦


This is a particularly curt one about “silly slags who got fucked.”


This is his passport post that validates the account as being his own.


In this one he mocks a handicapped doctor and disparages the NHS.



I know some Polish people and they would hate this.

polishone offensive.

The “banana eaters” mirror. This one is quite bad as “banana eaters” is an established hate term for coloured people. Not only does he use the term but he talks about an individual he sat with on the train. He must go about casting a discriminatory eye over people.


Workplace misogeny.


In this one he admits to being a rapist.


A homophobic one


One against Chinese people.


I’m not sure what this is all about but sounds sexist/mocking the NHS


In this one he mocks the way the left use racism accusations as political leverage, then goes on to call a girl a “hunch back.”


This guy is shocking, it would be hard to find such a diversity of hateful comments on a page belonging to one of the people he has “exposed.”

We will be ringing the Rees Foundation as soon as it opens on Monday morning to ask them why they are employing such a cretin.

Give them a ring yourself.



Let this be a warning to the others who come to stop our free speech and our genuine protests. We will come for you.





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